In response to COVID-19-related public health concerns, the Greater Wichita YMCA has suspended traditional operations:

  • ALL branches/facilities are CLOSED. Spring Programs (Sports, etc.) are CANCELLED.
  • ALL Summer Program (Sports, Camp, etc.) Enrollments have been PAUSED.
  • ALL charges/fees are PAUSED. Credits were automatically issued, refunds are available.

Tap the "FAQs and MORE INFO." button to visit our COVID-19 Support page.

Incentive Program Support and Management

Offering monetary, or non-monetary incentives, for your wellness program may provide a method for engaging employees in wellness initiatives, thus encouraging healthy habits and behaviors.  Utilizing a national vendor for managing a point-based incentive program may include unnecessary and under-utilized services, limited ability to utilize local community resources, and expensive price tags.  The YMCA can be the solution for your small to mid-size worksite!

The Greater Wichita YMCA Community Health Team will collaborate with your worksite/wellness program to determine the format of the incentive program, program activities and initiatives, methods for submitting participation in initiatives or activities, and best methods to engage employees. 
  • YMCA Community Health Team will track participation and incentive eligibility for employees.
  • Employees will submit participation directly to the YMCA. 
  • YMCA will update employee eligibility and report back to the company on a regular basis.

Contact Lianna Fry to schedule a program consultation and to get a price quote.