In response to COVID-19-related public health concerns, the Greater Wichita YMCA has suspended traditional operations:

  • ALL branches/facilities are CLOSED. Spring Programs (Sports, etc.) are CANCELLED.
  • ALL Summer Program (Sports, Camp, etc.) Enrollments have been PAUSED.
  • ALL charges/fees are PAUSED. Credits were automatically issued, refunds are available.

Tap the "FAQs and MORE INFO." button to visit our COVID-19 Support page.


The Greater Wichita YMCA is the region's largest provider of Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE)-licensed Child Care. We offer a variety of programs and types of child care for children from six-weeks-old through the end of fifth grade. You can learn more about our Child Care programs and find policies and parental information and enrollment and registration processes, as well as appropriate paperwork, below. Want to talk more about our offerings?

Please note the following:

  1. Registration processes are different for each of our Child Care options - find step-by-step instructions and contact information for questions in the "overview brochure" for each program.
  2. Enrollment options vary but may include in-person at a branch or care site (branch or school), online, or by mail. Applications are only accepted as indicated in paperwork.
  3. ALL participants in our licensed child care programs must complete KDHE paperwork prior to enrollment. See submission process outlined in step-by-step instructions for enrollment.
  4. Additional details, policies, requirements, restrictions, and considerations for each program can be found in the "policies and parent information" documents for each program.
  5. The Greater Wichita YMCA Child Care and Camp staff must CONFIRM all participants before enrollment should be consider finalized/child care starts, without exception. 


    • FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE - While distinct from the income-based financial assistance program used by the Greater Wichita YMCA for reduced membership and activities fees - the Greater Wichita YMCA's Strong Community Campaign, from community donations, offers financial support to ensure all children can participate in our Child Care and Camp programs, regardless of household income or financial situation. Use the tile below to access the CHILD CARE AND CAMP FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FORM. Find additional financial assistance and IBFA information on our FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE page.
    • KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT (KDHE) - The Greater Wichita YMCA's Child Care and Camp branch maintains KDHE licensing for all programs. As part of that agreement, our staff is required to participate in additional screening, training, and certification vs. non-licensed care programs. The agreement also requires full medical information on all program participants. Any child participating in our Child Care and Camp programs must provide complete KDHE paperwork. The tile below provides a blank copy of the form for information purposes only. Each of our programs requires the information to be submitted in specific ways as part of enrollment. Please access the "overview brochure" (below or on each program's page) or step-by-step instructions (available on each program's page) for the correct way to complete and submit these forms.


    While current Greater Wichita YMCA members or those who have used our website for online enrollment before should have an online account - first time program participants and online enrollment may require you to create an online account. It takes a few minutes and will make future enrollment faster and easier. Click the link below to get started.


    Use the tiles below to download PDFs of forms for our two full day, traditional Child Care programs for infants, babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.

    • CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTERS (CDC) - Located in select Wichita Public Schools (USD 259) High Schools, CDCs serve the children of students, school employees, and community members - click HERE.
    • EARLY LEARNING CENTERS (ELC) - Located in select Greater Wichita YMCA branches, ELCs serve the children of those working for the YMCA and children from the community - click HERE.


    The Greater Wichita YMCA partners with six local school districts to provide before and after school care for registered students in grades K-5, aged 5-12 in schools. The program allows students to participate 1-5 days a week - before and/or after school. Learn more about our KEY ACADEMY program on our Before and After School Care program page.

    Use the tiles below to access REQUIRED enrollment forms (including KDHE paperwork - which must be completed online) and overviews with dates, pricing,, and registration forms for our 2019-2020 BREAK CLUB programs.


    The Greater Wichita YMCA, in addition to KEY ACADEMY on-going, daily support, partners with local schools to offer SCHOOL DAY OUT for short (1-2 day) scheduled school closures. Kids do NOT have to participate in KEY Academy to attend SCHOOL DAY OUT FUN CLUB events but they must attend participating schools. Advanced registration is required for all students (KEY Academy participant or note) including all required enrollment forms (including KDHE paperwork - that must be completed online). 

    Use the tiles below to find partner districts, sites and dates, costs, and more as well as registration forms.


    The Greater Wichita YMCA, in addition to SCHOOL DAY OUT - for short (1-2 day) scheduled school closures - offers week-long day camp programs called BREAK CLUB. In 2019-2020, Break Club dates include:

    • WINTER BREAK CAMPS - Week 1 (Mon., 12/23/19 - Fri. 12/27/19), Week 2 (Mon. 12/30/19 - Fri. 1/3/20)
    • SPRING BREAK CAMP - Mon., 3/16 - Fri. 3/20/19)

    Kids do NOT have to participate in KEY Academy or attend participating schools to participate in BREAK CLUB events. Advanced registration is required for all students (KEY Academy participant or note) including all required enrollment forms (including KDHE paperwork - that must be completed online). Use the tiles below to find dates, locations, pricing, and more information. 

    Still have questions? Use our FAQ page and/or our online CONTACT US form to contact our CHILD CARE AND CAMP branch staff.

    • CHILD CARE ACCOUNTS - Email or 316.776.8842
    • DEBBIE OGLE, Senior Program Director - Email or 316.776.8242
    • JON MCREYNOLDS, Senior Program Director - Email or 316.776.8243
    • ANDREA ELIOT, Branch Director - Email or 316.776.8241

    Need contact information for each of our CDC, ELC, KEY Academy and FUN CLUB sites? Use the tiles above to find phone and/or email contacts in the "overview brochure" and "policies and parents information" document for each program or to visit the page for each program. 


    Can't find what you're looking for on this page? Please use the tiles below to find more information on or other programs, distinct from licensed child care, that offer support to kids, youth, and families. 


    The Greater Wichita YMCA offers a variety of child care options and dozens of other programs that support a healthy spirit, mind, and body including: