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Farha Futsal League

Despite being around since the 1930s, odds are that you may not be familiar with the increasingly popular sport, futsal. When futsal was first created, it was often referred to as mini soccer as well as five-a-side. Not only does the indoor sport encourage collaboration and versatility, but players of all ages love the increased opportunity to dribble, kick, and score during the quick, 40-minute matches.  The YMCA is perfect for this recreational sport because futsal was created specifically to be played in smaller, indoor spaces such as a basketball court. The futsal ball is slightly smaller, heavier, and has less bounce than your average soccer ball.

Futsal cuts your typical soccer team size by over half by including only 5 players on each team instead of 11, hence why the name five-a-side was initially used to refer to the game. 

When it comes to gameplay, because there are only 5 players (including a goalie) on each team, positions tend to be less structured as players must move quickly, work together, and often switch places in order to score goals against the opposing team. Unique to futsal, there are also unlimited, on the fly substitutions. Lastly, there are no offsides, unlike soccer, and goalies are only allowed to throw, not kick, the futsal ball when starting. These differences typically mean that players get more opportunities to interact with the ball and score goals, making futsal a great sport for children and players who are eager to get their feet on the ball!