Quiet the chatter of everyday life, and relieve stress while you focus on improving your flexibility, strength and balance. We offer Beginner Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi for health and more.


Intermediate Yoga

Refine basic poses as you learn more advanced poses and challenges. Ideal for students with some yoga experience.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga

Add intensity, challenge, strength building and stamina to your mindful yoga movements in this class for advanced students with at least 6 months of intermediate yoga.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Work to strengthen weak muscles, open tight muscles and balance your body for optimum health in this slower-paced class focusing on gentle and restorative movements.


Beginner Yoga

Discover basic yoga poses, body alignment and safety, terminology, breathing techniques, flexibility, strength, and mental preparation in this introductory class.

Chair Yoga class

Chair Yoga

Members with physical challenges that find it difficult to get on and off the floor are a perfect fit for Chair Yoga. Exercises explore and enhance a greater range of movement while protecting the lower back and joints by easing carefully into yoga postures with chair support.

Tai Chi group

Tai Chi

This unique martial art is for all ages and levels, and promotes strength, coordination, posture, concentration, and general level of energy.

Restorative Yoga young women

Restorative Yoga

An “active relaxation” class to help nourish and rest the body and mind. Perfect for those who want a very gentle practice to de-stress, relieve tension and regain quality of life.