Wellness Webinar Workshops

There are many hurdles in the path to better health and overall wellness. These can be physical, emotional, financial, or beyond. At the Greater Wichita YMCA, we want to help clear some of these obstacles and make your employees happier and more productive. We offer quick, easy, engaging online webinar presentations designed to inform and inspire. These presentations can be done at one's desk or in a conference room as a group. All a participant needs is an internet connection.

Power Lunch Webinar Series

Our POWER LUNCH WEBINAR SERIES is designed to provide participants with 50 minutes (from 12:05-12:55 PM CT) of fresh wellness information and an opportunity to identify their personal wellness goals.

2021 Webinar Topics:

  • February 10: REDEFINE YOUR PURPOSE, How can you maintain your morale, energy and sense of purpose when life gets challenging?
  • March 10: SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE, with organization expert Rachel Murphy as a guest presenter. How is excess or clutter impacting your quality of living? Where do you start to have successful Spring Cleaning in 2021?
  • April 14: FINANCIAL FIRST AID, with CEO of Consumer Credit Counseling Services as a guest presenter. How will small steps today help secure your financial future?
  • May 12: TAKE A BREATH, How does stress or anxiety impact breathing and what does that mean for your physical and mental health?
  • June 9: PLANT POWERED, with Registered Dietician and Healthy Eating Director Tammi Krier. How can you shift the focus of your diet to be more nutrient packed? Including a short demo of Honey Sriracha Chicken with Zoodles recipe.
  • July 14: BRAIN BREAKS, How does taking regular breaks support your brain and what can you do to make the most of those breaks?
  • August 11: DON’T STRESS YOUR HORMONES, with Dr Patrick Garrett as a guest presenter. What are the secrets to hormonal balance? It may be more simple than you think!
  • September 8: TAKE THE WORKOUT INSIDE, How can you spice up your exercise when you transition indoors for Fall and Winter?
  • October 13: RESTORE YOU DURING COLD AND FLU, How can you prepare to stay healthy, or recover better than before, during cold and flu season?
  • November 10: SOCIAL HARMONY, How can we, as individuals, embrace our diversity and cultivate inclusion this holiday season?
Know Your Numbers Mini-Series

Created to educate and support employees better understanding key health indicators and making improvements based on the risk factors presented in their current numbers. The series reviews six key numbers:

  • Blood Pressure
  • LDL (Total Cholesterol)
  • HDL
  • Triglycerides
  • Glucose
  • Weight Loss and Weight Distribution

Power Lunch Webinar Series: Pricing is based on each program - with bundle rates available - and the size of your organization (total employee count). Corporate Membership partners are extended a special discount. Sign up for your webinars - and consider a corporate partnership - today.

Per Webinar Corporate Partner Community Partner
Under 100 Employees $100 $150
101-500 Employees $150 $200
500+ Employees $190 $240


Complete Series Corporate Partner Community Partner
Under 100 Employees $800 $1200
101-500 Employees $1200 $1600
500+ Employees $1550 $1950


Know Your Numbers Mini-Series

  • $180/Full Package (Six, pre-recorded, 25-minute videos)

Email our Corporate Wellness Team to get started.


In-Person and Virtual Wellness Workshops

The Greater Wichita YMCA offers a variety of on-site wellness workshops where our experts come to you and your employees and cover specific topics and subjects while customizing the discussion and outcomes. Choose from Physical Activity, Nutrition, Emotional and Social Well-being, Financial Awareness, or Medical and Self Care topics or build your own program.

2021 Workshop Topics
    • Don't Just Sit There: Today's culture supports and promotes sedentary behaviors – movement must be an intentional practice. Learn the why and how to encourage adding more activity to your daily routine.
    • Restoration and Recovery: How much is too much? Learning how to optimize the balance between "work" and "rest" can make a difference in avoiding injury and/or speeding healing.
    • Exercise is the Miracle Pill: Stressed? Fatigued? Depressed? Have arthritis or elevated blood pressure, cholesterol or glucose levels? Learn how exercise might by the best prescription.
    • From Effort to Outcomes with Exercise: Turn exercise output into outcomes by applying physical activity recommendations with science for progression.
    • Healing Foods: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates. Food is body fuel. Participants will understand how fiber, fats, antioxidants and other nutrients combine to improve overall health.
    • Food and Mood: Our emotional state impacts our food decisions and our food decisions impact our emotional state. This informative discussion showcases how participants can take control of both.
    • What's Really in My Food: Participants will explore what goes into food when it is processed, what it means to eat food in its "natural" form and why the differences matter so much.
    • Dinner Solved: Many of us are overwhelmed by the time and effort it takes to buy, prepare, and eat food at home. Participants will learn how food prep can enable much healthier food decision
    • Eating for Success on the Go: Without mindfulness, preparation, and helpful tips, eating on the go or while on the road can derail any good eating intentions. Don’t get stuck on the road to poor nutrition.
    • Multi-Tasking - Fact or Fiction?: Review current research on - and the impacts of - productivity and personal well-being that can come from multi-tasking. Participants might just be surprised.
    • Mindful vs Mind Full: Explore "mindfulness" as a practice that allows participants to de-clutter their minds and become more "present" and to truly participate in the moments that might improve their lives.
    • Stress - Is it Harmful or Helpful?: Reframe how stress is considered, viewed, and approached. Participants will learn about the benefits of properly engaging and managing stress.
    • Resilience, The Rebound Strategy: Participants learn to harness their inner strength to rebound from stress, a setback, or other challenges.
    • Relationships - Life Drainer or Life Saver?: Humans are social beings and thrive when we have positive social connections. Participants explore how good friends can lengthen and improve lives.
    • Selfish to Selfless: Selfless acts have many personal benefits.  So whether your contributions are for selfish gain or selfless service first, you get benefits.
    • Money Matters: Many people identify "personal finances" as a top stressor and most see them as stressful. We examine small steps that participants can take now to improve their financial future.
    • Blue Zones: Nine Secrets to Longer Life Learn practices that are standing the test of time from populations around the world that are living WELL - longer.
    • Inflammation, and What To Do About It: Learn how free radicals, antioxidants and stress impact your body and how you can fight back to improve your health.
    • Weight Loss, No Gimmicks: Apply cornerstone practices and consistency in eating habits, physical activity, sleep hygiene and stress management to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss.
    • Fight Diabetes Risk with Action: Don’t play the victim with Diabetes. Whether you have been diagnosed, told you are pre-diabetic or it runs in your family, you can take action.
    • From Screen Time to Sleep Time: Television or internet scrolling may be part of your current bedtime routine but could you change this habit if it meant more energy, improved hormone functioning, and better overall well-being?

The cost for each presentation is $250 for a community organization or just $150 for a Corporate Membership Partners.


Email our Corporate Wellness Team to get started.


Corporate Group Exercise

The YMCA provides certified group exercise instructors to lead classes at local worksites and community organizations. Offering an exercise class at the worksite or virtually is a great opportunity to introduce participants to a new exercise format, encourage a stress break during or after the workday, or provide a team building activity.  This can be scheduled as a recurring class to provide a consistent wellness opportunity, or as a special one-time event in conjunction with a health fair or wellness week.

Class Types

Recommended class formats based on limited choreography, need for additional equipment, and general interest:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Cycle
  • Fierce
  • Zumba
  • Tai Chi
  • Bootcamps
Class Format

Classes can be scheduled as Private classes at a Greater Wichita YMCA Branch for more options on class formats and a way to increase exposure to group exercise classes at the YMCA. 

Classes can also be offered in a virtual format to support a remote workforce or employees that are spread across the city, state or region.


Contact Holly Hajjaj for more information and pricing.


Biometric Screening

Help employees identify their risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers by offering on-site biometric health screenings and health assessments. The YMCA will coordinate and provide convenient, confidential employee screenings at your worksite. Screening values include Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL,Triglycerides, Glucose, Blood Pressure, weight, and more. Health assessment is available to participants using either online or paper questionnaire. The YMCA also provides results-based coaching following the screening to help individuals understand their screening values and identifying areas of improvement to reduce their disease risk.

Aggregate reports are provided to the worksite to identify employee health needs and interest, as well as to measure progress from year to year.

Contact the YMCA Community Health Coordinator, with questions or to get a cost proposal for your worksite’s needs: communityhealth@ymcawichita.org, 316-776-8183

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

YMCA trained Coaches will visit with employees onsite during pre-determined days and times to work on health improvements through a convenient, confidential, and comfortable interaction with a health and wellness professional. Employees are able to choose the behaviors or risk factors they wish to improve and work at their best pace to achieve long term improvements, instead of a quick fix.  YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Coaches promote and engage employees in worksite wellness initiatives and refer to additional health management programs and resources when necessary.

Our Coaches and Corporate Service team aid in the development and implementation of your worksite wellness plan to create a culture of wellness where the healthy choice can be the easy choice.  With local support and management, our team provides a one of a kind service.