Learn the Power of Eating Right

For Greater Wichita YMCA members wanting support with weight loss and nutrition goals, NUTRITION COACHING is now available at our branches or virtually. This program extends Personal Trainer support to include 1:1 discussions of information and insights on how food and nutrition choices can impact weight, fitness, and overall health goals.

Our nutrition coaching explores eating habits and food knowledge, advances food and food-as-fuel considerations, and showcases how eating patterns, habits, and choices can have lasting impacts.



Clients and Coaches schedule the days, times, and session frequency to meet and work together for up-to 90 days.


The first session with a Nutrition Coach features an InBody Scan and a discussion of goals, knowledge, eating habits, and more.


Nutrition Coaches and clients spend sessions two-through-eight on a custom curriculum including how to recognize internal food cues, portion sizes and control, revising and resetting food habits and more.


Nutrition Coaches and clients work together to monitor established goals and to ensure progress is being made.


The ninth/final session features another InBody Scan and review of improvements and progress against goals as well as a discussion of next steps and additional ways the Y can help clients achieve more.

9 Sessions Member Non-Member
Full Price $198 $249
3 Monthly Payment $66 $83


Nutrition Coaching FAQs

Is Nutrition Coaching included with membership or Personal Training?

No. While general questions are always welcome and our staff will answer and support member needs, Nutrition Coaching is a paid add-on to membership and is separate and distinct from Personal Training. We encourage all members considering Personal Training for setting and meeting fitness goals to consider including Nutrition Coaching in that process. In some cases, the same professional can support both programs, or our staff will work with members and Personal Training clients to find the right Nutrition Coach for members based on personality, comfort level, and goals.

How does Nutrition Coaching "work"?

Members interested in Nutrition Coaching can speak with any of our Personal Training staff or other branch staff or fill out our online coach finder form to get started. Sessions are offered in bundles of nine 30-minute sessions that start and end (sessions one and nine) with an InBody Analysis Scan and the setting and review of goals. The remaining sessions (two through eight) will be spent talking about nutrition and food in terms of understanding, opportunities for nutritional improvement, and considerations for clients wanting to properly balance food and activity for health.

Our program is not about providing a meal plan that you might be able to follow for a short time, but rather focuses on building sustainable skills and habits to support your long-term health goals. Our Nutrition Coaches are not nutritionists or dietitians - they are, instead, partners in learning more about food and nutrition.

Are refunds or credits available if I do not complete my sessions?

Unfortunately, no. Like with Personal Training the sessions are designed to be consumed within 90 days. If you have specific circumstances or other conditions that make finding the time to meet and use all sessions within 90 days difficult, please speak with your Nutrition Coach or other Y fitness staff members to talk about options.

How did you develop your program?

Greater Wichita YMCA Nutrition Coaching was developed in partnership with a nationally recognized nutrition organization and customized by Greater Wichita YMCA employees Tammi Krier, a registered, licensed dietitian and Lianna Fry, a Wellcoaches® Certified Health and Wellness Coach as well as an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist.

Are Nutrition Coaches certified or licensed?

All of our Nutrition Coaches have taken additional training and education courses and passed our internal assessment to offer coaching services. They are NOT certified nutritionists within Kansas criteria and law. Importantly - under Kansas Law (KSA 65-5912) - our Nutrition Coaches are permitted to furnish nutrition information as to the use of food, food materials or dietary supplements. We are permitted to engage in the free dissemination of information or of literature regarding food and nutrition as long as no individual engaged in such practices holds oneself out as being licensed under this act/by the state of Kansas.