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Hands-On Cooking and Nutrition Education

Whether you're young or old, it's always a good time to learn how to eat healthier. At the Greater Wichita YMCA, we teach kids to find their way around a kitchen and to make good food choices in a fun, hands on setting. We also have classes for parents that show them how their families can eat better, even on a budget

Junior Chef Academy Level 1

75 minute class/10-weeks, for kids ages 6-12. Build basic culinary skills, incorporating nutrition and fun food experiments. Includes chef hat, apron, progress reports and a kid-prepared recipe showcase at the end of the session. 

  • Locations: Downtown, East and Northwest YMCAs
  • Fees: $33/month for 3 months via bank draft or $99 per session (financial assistance available), open to members and non-members. Non-member rate $159 per session

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Junior Chef Academy Level 2

75 minute class/10-weeks, for kids ages 6-12. Build on culinary skills from level 1 with new weekly recipes. Kids earn a kitchen gadget during each session. (Level 1 recommended but not required. It is more important for a child to get to do a cooking class that works with their schedule regardless of if it is level 1 or 2 first).

  • Locations: Andover, Downtown, East, Northwest, and Newton YMCAs
  • Fees: $33/month for 3 months via bankdraft or $99 per session  (financial assistance available), open to members and non-members. Non-member rate $159 per session

Classes for Adults


Let’s cook and learn together. Join a FREE series of virtual classes called Cooking Matters For Parents ® (you do not need to be a Y member)! These free classes help families learn to shop for and cook healthy meals on a budget. Classes are done online through Zoom. We can help with the process when enrolling in the class. Classes include cooking demos and budget-friendly meal ideas. Attend 3 classes in a series and complete a survey to receive a $15 grocery gift card! Registration opens May 1.

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No-Frills, Keepin' It Real Nutrition

This is not fancy or gourmet cooking. It’s easy, fast, good nutrition with no frills!  Participants will learn ways to make healthy eating a reality through hands-on cooking and tasting of new recipes. Participants will take home a bag of groceries each night to make one in class recipe at home. Four 90-minute classes in a series. Fee: $150/series. 

Double-Up Food Bucks

Individuals with food stamps/Vision/EBT card can visit participating Wichita-area Farmers’ Markets, swipe their Vision card and receive a dollar-for-dollar match on any money spent on local produce (fruits and vegetables) to buy more local produce. Click below to learn more about the program – sponsored by the Health & Wellness Coalition of Wichita