In response to COVID-19-related public health concerns, the Greater Wichita YMCA has suspended traditional operations:

  • ALL branches/facilities are CLOSED. Spring Programs (Sports, etc.) are CANCELLED.
  • ALL Summer Program (Sports, Camp, etc.) Enrollments have been PAUSED.
  • ALL charges/fees are PAUSED. Credits were automatically issued, refunds are available.

Tap the "FAQs and MORE INFO." button to visit our COVID-19 Support page.

Climbing Wall Class 

Ages 4+

Learn the basics of climbing or progress to advanced climbing techniques through a variety of classes and levels.

Family Climbing Wall Class 

Ages 4+

Parents and children can work side by side as they learn the basics of climbing or progress to advanced climbing techniques.

Belay Certification

Ages 11+

Members receive belay certification after completing an up-to-4 hour class and passing a retention check.

Auto Belay Certification

Ages 11+

Auto belay systems allow you to belay yourself. Training and certifications available.