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Wellness Committee Support and Facilitation

I frequently feel like we have another staff person available to help guide our Wellness efforts. I would highly recommend partnering with the YMCA for your worksite wellness program. Jennifer McCausland, Assistant City Manager, City of Andover

Wellness Committees are an essential aspect of a comprehensive worksite wellness program. 

Wellness Committees that are representative of the organization’s workforce allow for many perspectives to be taken into account when making decisions on how to best improve the health of the employees.  Wellness Committees also allow for multiple voices to be heard while developing, implementing and evaluating a Wellness Strategic Plan.  The YMCA will provide a representative to provide wellness committee support and guidance. 

Through collaboration with a point of contact at the worksite, the YMCA will facilitate committee meeting to assist in developing a culture of wellness at the workplace, where the healthy choice is the easy choice.

Contact Lianna Fry to schedule a program consultation and to get a price quote.