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Face masks (covering nose and mouth) are required while inside our 10 branches and 3 YMCA Farha Sport Centers with few exceptions. Read our full policy for details. Thank you for your cooperation. 


We all want to compete and are driven to win. Often employees have to make choices on where to put their attention, focus, and energy but our corporate wellness challenges seek to remind them that little changes can make a big difference and that winning can feel great, especially when it doesn't require major commitments. Our challenges encourage small steps toward better health, work/life balance, nutrition, rest and downtime, and activity and fitness with an opportunity to create lasting change through improvement.

When you participate in our corporate challenges you aren't just encouraging friendly competition between your employees - you can and will compete against similar organizations throughout the Wichita area. We track and share results based on company size and industry/sector. Each challenge is designed to allow an internal winner and a regional winner. WINNING COMPANIES will receive:

  • Their name engraved on the Greater Wichita YMCA Traveling Corporate Trophy
  • The right to host and proudly display the trophy until another company beats them
  • Bragging rights and better wellness for their employees and organization

Review the list (below) of remaining challenges for this year and next year's calendar and enroll/register your company to participate today. You can choose one, a few, or ALL challenges. We'll work with your organization to ensure the contest is properly communicated and understood.


JINGLE ALL THE WEIGH (WED. 11/27/19-MON. 12/06/20)

This holiday season, the only thing that should be “stuffed” is the turkey! The average American gains 1-5 pounds during the holidays and most never lose those extra pounds. This year, maintain or lose weight over the holidays by being mindful of your food, activity and stress.


While we have a standard, competition calendar - we'll work with participating companies to modify materials and calendar dates to meet their needs and schedule, upon request. We can also collaborate with you on custom challenges that better match your workforce and their wants and needs.

OPEN HEART, HELPING HANDS (MON. 02/03/20-SUN. 02/23/20)

A healthy heart isn’t only about knowing your numbers, eating right, and getting exercise. Giving of your time, talent and treasure is also good for your heart. Use this month to get a jump on a year of giving back and doing small acts of service to benefit your emotional, physical and social well-being.

FIRM FOUNDATION (MON. 04/06/20-SUN. 04/26/20)

Strong may look and feel different to each individual but being strong allows you to accomplish daily tasks with energy and stamina, not to mention graceful aging. Build on your physical foundation by including strength training in your daily routine.

KNOW YOUR H20 (MON. 06/01/20-SUN. 06/21/20)

Your reason for drinking water may be different but the fact remains, we all need it. Water increases energy and metabolism, enhances skin appearance, helps digestion, and reduces joint aches and pains. Sugar, on the other hand, may do the opposite. Take the double challenge to get hydrated and avoid sweetened beverages.

POWER DOWN (MON. 08/03/20-SUN. 08/23/20)

Technology use late at night impairs your sleep cycles. Sleep cycles impact our hormones, which determine our appetite, stress level, muscle repair, and MORE. Power down without technology at night to improve your energy and well-being in the days that follow.

KITCHEN CLOSED (MON. 10/05/20-SUN.10/25/20)

If your kitchen had a closing time, you may eliminate unnecessary, late night calories. This practice supports healthy digestion before sleeping, but also reduces overall calorie intake of less than nutritious choices. Clean the kitchen, turn off the lights, and hang up your “CLOSED” sign for the evening.

JINGLE ALL THE WEIGH (WED. 11/25/20-FRI. 01/08/21)

This holiday season, the only thing that should be “stuffed” is the turkey! The average American gains 1 to 5 pounds during the holidays and most never lose those extra pounds. This year, maintain or lose weight over the holidays by being mindful of your food, activity and stress.



Want to enroll your organization in our 2020 Corporate Wellness Challenges? We can schedule a call or meeting and get you started in no time. Just email our Corporate Wellness Team (use the tile below) and share a little about your organization and why you're interested in participating.



Want to refine your corporate challenges with a concentrated, informative, interactive live webinar of the same focus/topic? Consider participating in our Corporate Wellness Webinar series. You can pick one, a few, or all of our online events and your workforce can participate lived during a "Power Lunch" session or watch a recorded version of the program on timing that works for you and them. We provide links, informational resources, and experts in the fields being discussed and will also send you reporting data for participation and involvement. 


The Greater Wichita YMCA offers corporate challenges and hundreds of other options to support healthy spirit, mind, and body including:


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