Two teams playing on a pickleball court

Pick Your Battle ICT attracts nearly 70 registered teams

The Greater Wichita YMCA hosted its first-ever Pick Your Battle ICT tournament on July 10 at Farha Sports Center-South, raising nearly $54,000 for the Y’s Strong Community Campaign. The event served up two of the fastest-growing sports in America – pickleball and cornhole. And while it was a friendly competition, players on the women’s, men’s and co-ed teams dinked, lobbed, tossed and scored with accuracy and precision with the hopes of leaving with a gold, silver or bronze medal.  

With nearly 70 registered teams, Pick Your Battle was bustling with activity all day long. Spectators and players alike were also treated to food trucks and access to the South Y’s Water Park. All were made possible by the generous support of SJCF Architecture and Kruse Corporation.

It usually only takes one game for most people to get hooked on pickleball and cornhole, and the success of Pick Your Battle only shows how much the two sports have grown in popularity at the Y. Just recently, cornhole leagues were formed at Farha Sports Center-South, and many of our branches now offer pickleball open play hours throughout the week.

It’s always great when the Y family gets together to have fun, be active and support the community. Together we are making it possible for everyone, regardless of ability to pay, to have access to the Y's world-class recreational opportunities, sports leagues, youth development programs and the region’s most spectacular fitness facilities and water parks. We are making it possible for everyone to belong at the Y!


Tournament results


Men’s Competitive

1st Place              Scott Wolford and Zach Nyguen

Scott Wolford and Zach Nyguen

2nd Place             Kyle Long and Ronn McMahon

Kyle Long and Ronn McMahon

3rd Place              Craig Clark and John Kretzer

Craig Clark and John Kretzer

Men’s Intermediate

1st Place              Donald Kunkel and Tony Matthews

2nd Place             Dick Pavelski & Clarence Rose

Donald Kunkel_Tony Matthews and Dick Pavelski_Clarence Rose

3rd Place              Sam Smith & Fernando Martinez

Sam Smith and Fernando Martinez


Men’s Beginner

1st Place              Glen Burdick and Richard Ludwig

Glen Burdick_Richard Ludwig

2nd Place             Pete Moyer and Dave Moyer

Pete Moyer_Dave Moyer

3rd Place              Colton Kester and Logan Mitchell

Colton Kester_Logan Mitchell

Women’s Intermediate

1st Place              Brenna Davis and Shelby Hern

2nd Place             Cindy Fortune and Sonja Kelley

3rd Place              Connie McAfee and Debbie Williams

Brenna Davis_Shelby Hern_Cindy Fortune_Sonja Kelley_Connie McAfee_Debbie Williams

Women’s Beginner

1st Place              Kristy McFarland and Ashley Sorensen

2nd Place             Angela Cato and Tina Cowan

Kristy McFarland_Ashley Sorensen_ and Angela Cato_Tina Cowan

Coed Competitive

1st Place              Rachel McMahon and Ronn McMahon'

2nd Place             Erica Lopez and Zach Nyguen

Rachel McMahon_Ronn McMahon_Erica Lopez_Zach Nyguen

3rd Place             Scott Wolford and Jenny Cole

Scott Wolford_Jenny Cole

Coed Intermediate

1st Place              Clarence Rose and Debbie Williams

2nd Place             Janet Salazar and Noah Spurgeon

3rd Place              Janelle Lindeman and Brad Lindeman

PYB_PB_CI_1st_Clarence Rose_Debbie Williams_2nd_Janet Salazar_Noah Spurgeon_3rd_Janelle Lindeman_Brad Lindeman

Coed Beginner

1st Place              Scott Swindler and Vicki Evers

Scott Swindler_Vicki Evers

2nd Place             Steve Kealey and Sara Weber

Steve Kealey_Sara Weber

3rd Place              Ashley Sorensen and Mike Flynn

Ashely Sorensen_Mike Flynn



1st Place              Jackie Tanner and Jarrod Tanner

Jackie Tanner_Tyler Tanner

2nd Place             Matt Engel and Jill Engel

Matt Engel_Jill Engel_3

3rd Place              Kellen Potter and Caressa Potter

Kellen Potter_Caressa Potter


1st Place              Bryce Winklepleck and Kyle Starkel

2nd Place             Lisa Elmer and Jarin Braithwait

1st_Bryce Winklepleck_Kyle Starkel_2nd_Lisa Elmer_Jarin Braithwait

3rd Place              Jonny Cronny and Patt Pray

Matt Pray_Johnny Cronny


1st Place              Landon Leuenberger and Troy Luenberger

Landon Leuenberger_Troy Leuenberger

2nd Place             Austin Hoheisel and Clancy Hoheisel