"My daughter, Lydia Crownover, began the Job Prep Program after she had just turned 16 through the Wichita YMCA during her spring semester 2014 in anticipation of obtaining a summer job. As her mother, I can see a great growth in confidence that was especially supported through her training and work experiences. She had always been uncertain and shy until she became familiar with new situations. This experience has reinforced what Lydia had been told before and she has become much more enthusiastic and confident in working within unfamiliar settings through this Job Prep experience.

Although she has worked within the 4-H programs in the past, this has been very much a learning opportunity in her exposure to working with the public at several community centers here in Wichita. This job also helped her to understand how to satisfy meeting the different expectations of different recreational center pogroms.

As a teacher, I can say that the life skills taught within this Job Prep program are invaluable as many of your youth do not have adults in their lives to guide them in developing the skills necessary to know what to expect in a job interview, obtain a job besides understanding what questions to ask or how to satisfy expectation when starting a  new job. This experience will ensure that regardless of what job is undertaken, these youth will take the knowledge learned and experiences had and become productive young members of our sociality; Able to work as leaders within our communities.

Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity of working within the Job Prep Program. 


Jan Poelma-Crownover

Job Prep


Enrollment | 2019-20 Information to come

Program runs February-August 

Acquire needed training and certifications for attaining a job in the Y’s FREE Job Prep program for youth ages 15-17.

Learn first aid and CPR along with how to fill out a job application, manage your money, dress for success, and become a valuable employee. Complete the course requirements and you may be eligible for a summer job (up to 25 hrs/wk).

IMPORTANT: The following MUST be provided during an in-person enrollment meeting before Monday, January 22, 2018. All items must be verified by Y staff prior to acceptance in the Job Prep Program:

  1. Completed application.
  2. Proof of income for the entire household. Provide one of the following for each household income provider:
    • 2017 tax return
    • 2018 tax return
    • current paystub(s)
    • monthly earnings statement (Soc. Sec., unemployment, public assistance, etc.)
    • Kansas Payment Center (child support)
  3. Photocopy of BOTH: participant’s drivers license, school ID or Kansas ID, AND social security card or birth certificate.

Contact Tyrone Baker at 316.776.8172 for your enrollment meeting time.