Pickle Center at Greater Wichita YMCA

Welcome to the Pickle Center at the West YMCA!

The West YMCA now offers this state-of-the-art facility includes access to four indoor pickleball courts (28’x60’). The courts feature a professional-grade surface that exceeds the industry and tournament standards that all pickleball enthusiasts and professional athletes love. The new Pickle Center is another benefit of your YMCA membership at no additional charge!

At Pickle Center, you'll find a community of players of all levels and enjoy professional quality lighting and court surfaces. Pickle Center members also have access to private pickleball lessons, clinics, leagues, special events and more! 

Have more questions? View our Pickle Center frequently asked questions below.

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Play pickleball at the West YMCA's Pickle Center
Play pickleball at the West YMCA's Pickle Center
Play pickleball at the West YMCA's Pickle Center
Play pickleball at the West YMCA's Pickle Center
Play pickleball at the West YMCA's Pickle Center
Play pickleball at the West YMCA's Pickle Center


Open Play

Members arrive at the courts between the designated hours.  First players to arrive take the courts and those waiting place their paddles in the paddle rack.  When the game is over, winners split and the next two players waiting take the court.


  • Open Play is for all skill levels.
  • Beginner Open Play is for 2.0-3.
  • Advanced Open Play is for 3.50 and higher.
  • Point Play is limited to 16 players and reservations are required through playtime scheduler. You will play 7 timed games in two hours with different partners and opponents each game. The player with the most points at the end is the winner.
  • Family Open Play is designed for children and adults to play together.
  • Dinking Only is played 100% at the no volley line; dinking and fast hands only.


INTRO: This class is designed for brand new players to learn the sport of Pickleball. Players will learn all the basics to be able to play. Class will cover equipment, unique lingo, score keeping, court position, and the fundamentals of serve, return, and the volley.  This class is $10 and only meets once.             
BEGINNER: These classes are designed to build a solid technical foundation and expose new players to basic strategy through instruction, engaging practice, and fun social interaction. Classes will cover; serves, groundstrokes, dinks, volleys, lobs, and overheads. Each class includes, technique introduction and drills, a strategy exposure game, and gameplay practice.

STRATEGY: These classes are designed to build off of the fundamental techniques in pickleball. This class will teach you slightly more advanced techniques, skills, and a big focus on strategies to take your game to the next level. 

DRILLS: These classes  are specific exercises designed to practice and improve specific pickleball skills. Drills help you commit the proper pickleball mechanics to muscle memory. By committing skills to muscle memory, you can react and respond instinctively, while using their mental skills to focus on strategy on the court. 

MONTHLY: $30/month
Fees appear as member rates. Community participants/non-members pay an additional $20 eligible programs, unless otherwise indicated.
Holiday Schedule: Sessions impacted by a holiday that meet fewer than four times a month will be prorated for the reduced class schedule.


ABOUT LEAGUES: Leagues for Session A are for the Intermediate/Advanced Player (3.0-4.0). There will be 5 weeks of round robin play. Each night you will play three different teams with a total of six round robin games each night.  The sixth week there will be a seeded double elimination tournament to determine league champion. You do need a partner. Junior Skill & Drill—no partner needed. 30 minute clinic followed by 1 hour point play for 5 weeks. 

Fees appear as member rates. Community participants/non-members pay an additional $20 for eligible programs, unless otherwise indicated.


The Pickle Center is new at the Greater Wichita YMCA - these are the most common questions asked. Have a different one? Ask at any Welcome Desk or use our CONTACT US form.

Do you have to be a YMCA member?

As a YMCA member you can reserve a court and participate in open play, leagues and tournaments and have access to special events. If you are not a member, there is a $10 guest fee. (Link to guest fees) You must bring photo ID.

What if I am not a YMCA member?

You can Join Today and enjoy the many benefits of being a member of the Greater Wichita YMCA!

Do I need my own equipment?

The YMCA has limited paddles that can be checked out at the front desk. We do ask you to wear non-marking court shoes when you play at the YMCA.

Can I hold a private party or corporate event?

Yes. Please call 316-942-2271 to inquire about hosting your next event at the Pickle Center.

How do I reserve a court?

Please call the West YMCA at 316-942-2271 to reserve a court. You can check court availability.

What times are the courts open?

Monday thru Thursday 4:30am-10pm

Friday 4:30am-9pm

Saturday and Sunday 6:30am-7:00pm

Hours may vary on holidays or because of unexpected weather. Please see open play schedule.

Are there court fees?

Members and non-members can reserve a court exclusively for their group at $10/hr per court.  Non-members are required to pay the guest fee. There is no added fee for members to use the courts during open play. 

What is the cancellation policy for court reservations?

Payment is due at time of reservations. If you are unable to utilize the court at the time you reserved, you will not be given a refund.

I am a beginner, where do I start?

We encourage all beginners to take a monthly class. We also have open play times just for beginners. We also encourage beginners to become familiar with pickleball by watching these introductory videos on YMCA360.

What are your open play rules? How much is open play?

We want everyone to have a very fair and enjoyable time playing. We will have volunteer ambassadors to host during our more popular open plays but if an ambassador isn't present, there are guidelines present at the facility for players to abide by.

Do you offer classes?

Yes, we offer monthly classes for beginners, intermediate and juniors (8-14 years of age). The classes are held monthly once a week for an hour and are $30 a month for members.