InStudio YMCA360 Solution for Corporate Wellness

YMCA360 - A Corporate Wellness Benefit

A healthy work culture boosts employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention - across all industries and workplace settings. Worksite wellness trends have evolved but the need to support employees in healthy spirit, mind and body still exist, and maybe more than ever following the Covid-19 pandemic. In recent years, mental health needs have rose to the surface, flexible work schedules and remote work has become more common, and individuals have placed a higher value on their personal wellbeing and health than ever before.

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Employees, and potential future employees, are looking to their employer benefits to support their mental health, provide digital wellness offerings, and have flexibility to use these resources in a way that fits their current schedule, needs and interest.

YMCA360+ corporate memberships and InStudio are here to serve your worksite wellness needs:

Mind, Body, Spirit
Spirit, Mind and Body
Spirit, Mind and Body as pillars of well-being – Continuously expanding library of content for fitness, nutrition, mental wellbeing, workspace fitness and stretching, youth sports and STEM, and more allows you to deliver tools and resources that enhance your wellness benefits while recognizing each employee’s unique wellness journey and needs.
Content For All
Content for everyone, of every ability – YMCA360 meets the multi-generational and family needs of your employees with content for youth, adult, and even the aging workforce or aging parents as the number of employees that are actively caregivers continues to grow.
Anytime, Anywhere with YMCA360
Anytime, Anywhere
Anytime, Anywhere – A digital YMCA experience means employees are not limited to when they are near their local YMCA Branch or YMCA hours of operation to get total wellbeing content. YMCA360+ goes along with them with access via app, website ( and Roku/Apple TV.