A Place Where Companies Come Together

Access to exercise facilities and healthy lifestyle resources is a great way for people to decompress, relieve stress, and re-energize. It's also a incredible employee benefit.


The Y is a place where your employees can decompress, relieve stress and re-energize. It’s a place where they can connect with the community and thrive. An Employee Corporate Membership Program at the Y is an incredible employee benefit, too! 

By helping your employees stay healthy, your company benefits include:

  • HAPPIER EMPLOYEES - Improved sense of value, more activity, raised morale
  • COST SAVINGS - Fewer injuries, lower health care costs, and less turnover
  • HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY - Healthier, more productive, less absent employees
  • BOOSTED ENGAGEMENT - Sharper thinking, increased creativity and collaboration
  • STRONGER COMMUNITY - When people feel better and work harder - we all win.

A true partnership—with costs shared three ways (employee, employer, and the Greater Wichita YMCA)—we offer each Corporate Membership partner: 

  • CUSTOMIZATION - Pricing, eligibility and usage requirements set for each partner
  • REPORTING - Regular reporting on usage helps validate the shared investment
  • MODIFICATION - Partnerships can evolve to match business and employee needs

And it doesn't stop there! Once you join our corporate membership program, let's talk how we can make your company healthier with our Corporate Wellness Program.


If your company is part of a YMCA Corporate Membership program, you can offer your employees multiple ways to save:

  • A free or reduced enrollment fee.
  • Company-sponsored fitness, wellness, and safety classes.
  • A discount on monthly dues



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