The Greater Wichita YMCA has a new, better, more powerful app that puts all of our locations, group exercise classes, staff and support, in the hands, pockets, and bags of our members. The Greater Wichita YMCA app - available for iOS and Android devices - will allow you to easily:

  • Customize your profile to see information most-relevant to you
  • "Check-in" at our - or any nationwide membership - facility
  • Log and track workouts manually or with your camera
  • Connect our app with true fitness tracking apps for more data
  • Find and participate in challenges and competitions
  • Earn and redeem reward points for working out
  • Engage with friends for a workout or competition
  • Find and share workout results with other Y members
  • Find special offers exclusively for our app users
  • Share your experiences with seamless social media integration
  • Find more information and resources from our partners

The app is easy to download, simple to use, and absolutely free to download and use. We encourage you to download the app today. 


While we hope our app is easy, intuitive, and helpful - we know you might have questions. Use these answers to common questions or Contact Us for help.

How Much Does the App Cost?

While you need to be a member of the Greater Wichita YMCA to save on usage of our facilities (day/guest passes are available, of course) the app itself is FREE to download, install, and use.

Where Can I Find the App?

Our app is available to iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.) users in the Apple Store by clicking HERE. It is also available to Android (Google Pixel, LG, Samsung, etc.) users in the Google Play Store by clicking HERE.

How Do I Set Up My Account on the App?

We put together this video to help you set up your account on the app.

How Do I Use the App Barcode for Check-In at YMCA Locations?

The barcode feature in our app allows you to scan in to any of our branch locations and any other YMCA that participates in Nationwide Membership and has an app on the same, Netpulse, platform we used to develop our app. This video will explain.

How Do I Use the App to Find Group Exercise Classes?

The first tile on our app, the "Find a Class" tile will show you a full scheduled of upcoming group exercise classes (today - or you can set a custom date in the future) and allow you to add those classes to your calendar. Find dates, times, studios/pool section, and instructor. This video shows you how to use the tool.

How Do I Register for a Group Exercise Class?

You do not need to register for a Group Exercise class. Just come and have fun.

How Does the "Refer a Friend" Function Work? Do My Friends Have to be Members to Join Me?

Your friends do NOT have to be members to join you for a class but will have to qualify for and purchase a guest pass to use our facilities. We would, of course, hope they'll have a great time and want to join you. Your communication with your friends through the app can be captured for future membership and marketing promotions or timely reminders and incentives. See the full terms and conditions of the app for more.

How Do I Earn / Spend Points with Your App?

You earn points by making the app part of your Greater Wichita YMCA visit and experience. You can find a list of how to earn - and the value of each accomplishment - points on the "Points" tab inside the "Rewards" tab on the app. You can redeem points directly through the app. Click on the "Catalogue" tab and select your reward and the app will walk you through it from there.

How Do I Record a Workout with Your App?

The app allows you two options for recording your workouts. You can manually enter your workout - which is required for workouts that don't include machinery - or you can use the XCapture function where a photo of the display at the end of your workout and a few other taps of the thumb will help the app automatically log your workout and results. Either way - those workouts show up in the "Workouts" tab as a history of your physical activity within thirty minutes of entry.

How Do I Know If I (or Who) Won an App Challenge / Contest / Promotion?

You can find any current and near-future contests in the app in the "Challenges" tile. Those competitions change in criteria, prize, etc. but the rules and conditions and ways to qualify/participate are also defined. The Greater Wichita YMCA marketing team directly notifies winners within three business days of a contest ending and we will, with permission, post their names on social media. You can request a list of previous winners by contacting the marketing team at 316.219.9622.

What Is the Offers Tab? How Do I Find / Save / Participate in Offers?

When we have offers / deals available through the app you can find them in the "Offers" tile. You can "save" an offer within the app with a few taps. Each offer will give you specifics for participation and redemption and sources for additional information, as needed.

What Are "Connected Apps" and How is the List Built? Can I Add Other Fitness and Other Apps to Your App?

While our app focuses on putting the entire Greater Wichita YMCA world in the palm of your had and allowing you a better, more engaged experience - it is not a true "fitness tracker" app that will monitor movement, calorie burning, etc. in real time like other apps do. We proudly partner, through our app platform, with some leading fitness tracking apps that will allow you to send your data from our app to other platforms and vice versa. Some of our newer group exercise classes will also allow you to integrate your apps and fitness trackers in to the workout experience and to "share" with our exercise equipment, too. Use the "Explore" button below each icon to see what each app offers and how it might be right for your fitness tracking. If the app is not listed, we cannot - at this time - integrate with the app. But check back soon, we're growing our digital offerings with exciting news on the way.

How Do I Complete a Fitness Assessment and/or Find a Personal Trainer with the App?

Use the tile in the app to request a 1:1 fitness assessment or to be partnered with a qualified personal trainer to help you get more out of your gym visits. You can just provide name and phone number or, through our website, provide more information that we'll need to collect to get you the best match.

How do I Add and/or Track a Goal in the Goal Center?

The "Goal" tab is a great resource for setting and monitoring progress against fitness goals. Pick the right category and then choose a pre-populated goal or set your own manually. Need help? Ask any Fitness Staff on the floor and they can help you with setting and working toward goals.

How Do I Opt-In / Opt-Out of the Activity Feed? Can I Customize My Feed?

The "Activity Feed" is controlled by your profile settings. Just navigate to the settings panel and click the "privacy" icon and either make your profile "public" or "private". You can also, in settings, upload a custom photo and modify other identifiers. Additional questions about privacy and app policies? Check out the full terms and conditions of app usage on our Policies Page.

How Do I Use the "Extras" Tab?

The "Extras" tile is a collection of useful links to other digital/online resources for our members. You can typically find links to our website, to third-party platforms like our coaches/players app, and our other fitness partners. You should just tap on each option to visit their site/link.

Does Your Social Media Feed Allow Me to Share App Information (Workouts Completed, Goals Hit, Etc.)?

Yes. If you log in to your social media accounts through the app (allow shared permissions) from the "Social Media Feed" tile - you can send out your workouts and share other app activities, too.

How Do I Use the Support and Fixit Tile?

The Support and Fixit tile is just that - a tool to help troubleshoot app needs or issues. You can review FAQ, find technical support, and get other information through the tile. You can also ask our staff for help with many issues.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Use for Your App?

You can and should review the full terms and conditions for app usage on our policies page on our site and within the app.

What are my Privacy Considerations when Using Your App?

You can and should control your privacy preferences in the settings on the app and, for data privacy, review the full terms and conditions for app usage on our policies page on our site and within the app.

How Do I Make a Suggestion for Improving the App?

We're always open to suggestions for how to improve the member experience - especially as we develop digital support and options. Just talk with our staff and they can and will direct you to the right person for your idea or suggestion. Thanks, in advance, for the ideas.


The Greater Wichita YMCA offers an app to empower fitness and hundreds of options to support a healthy spirit, mind, and body including:


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