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Financial Assistance

The mission of the Greater Wichita YMCA is to promote healthy lifestyles, strong families, and positive youth development to build healthy spirit, mind and body for all, regardless of ability to pay. That last part is crucial - as many of those who most-need support in pursuit of wellness are those of moderate-to-low income. Our community, especially families with children, are encouraged to apply for our income-based financial assistance (IBFA) program.

IBFA, which is funded by our donors, sponsors, partners, and contributors to our annual Strong Community Campaign is specifically designed to keep access to our fitness facilities, child care and camp programs, and other activities and offerings affordable and accessible to all.

Discounts-for those who qualify-can range from:

  • 5%-60% off standard rates for Membership, Programs, and Activities
  • 5%-100% savings on stated costs for Child Care, Camp, and Special Initiatives

Our IBFA process is fast, simple, and discreet. For reduced-cost consideration:

  1. Use our Fee Calculator to see, based on your income, what assistance you might receive
  2. Complete the appropriate Membership and/or Child Care and Camp application - available below (download/print yourself) or at any of our branch locations
  3. Provide, as requested in the application, appropriate income / tax information or other financial consideration requirements
  4. Work with our Membership Staff to have your application and paperwork reviewed and, as appropriate, your reduced fees applied to membership, programs, activities and/or Child Care and Camp offerings and services

Have additional questions about our IBFA program? Just ask to speak with the Membership Coordinator, Membership Director, or Branch Director at any of our locations or call 316.219.YMCA (316.219.9622) and ask to speak with our accounts team.


Have questions about income-based financial assistance (IBFA)? These are the answers to some of our most common inquiries.

How do I know if I qualify for income-based financial assistance (IBFA)?

You can use our Fee Calculator to approximate qualification of fees for membership (the discount for services is typically about the same) but our applications (Membership and/or Child Care and Camp) are required to fully verify qualification as is a Form 1040 and, in some cases, additional information.

Are the rates offered through IBFA permanent? 

No. To ensure we're providing support where it is most needed, we require IBFA recipients to notify us of significant income or expense changes and perform annual audits of IBFA support and may ask for updated paperwork (application and/or Form 1040) to verify ongoing qualification. Speak with our membership staff if you have questions or concerns.

What should I do if I still don't think I can afford membership or program fees?

If you find our fees for membership, child care, camp, or other programs to be a hardship - speak with the Branch Director at any of our locations. They can help direct you to additional staff resources, financial support, or can help with special financial options in some cases. Additional support, beyond IBFA discounts, is not guaranteed and cannot be extended to all people in all situations.

Are your current members funding the IBFA program with their fees?

No. Our current members and program participants have their fees go back to work on our facilities, locations, and offerings to ensure the best possible experience for everyone. Our IBFA program is entirely funded by outside financial support made through our Strong Community Campaign

What documentation do I need to prove income and qualify for IBFA?

We require a written application (Membership and/or Child Care and Camp) and a Form 1040 or other proof of income.

What additional support is available for those in need?

As a non-profit organization with extensive Community Development interests, partnerships, and resources - we can provide additional support to our community in many ways and can help connect those in need to outside support if we can't offer it directly. Want or need help? Speak with a Branch Director or contact our Community Development team.

Is my IBFA application/status confidential?

As much as possible. You will need to provide your paperwork to a staff member at the Front Desk and our accounting and membership staff can see your qualification levels when assisting you with inquiries or concerns. Your financial status, just like all your other information, is otherwise restricted to our staff. There is no additional indication of your status on any additional member information or identification in our system. If you are concerned about your confidentiality, speak with the Membership Director at any branch location.

Still have questions? Visit our general FAQ page, use our online Contact Us form, or visit with the Front Desk staff at any location.


The Greater Wichita YMCA offers financial assistance and hundreds of other support options for pursuit of a healthy spirit, mind, and body including:


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