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A business headshot of Trey Hightower the branch director of the Dennis Schoenebeck NORTH YMCA

Trey Hightower

Trey graduated from Friends University, in 2007, with a BA in Health Management and Minor in Business Administration.  Trey began his career with the Y in 2006, as an intern.  In 2007 he began working at the East YMCA as the Manager on Duty and after a year was then promoted to Membership Director.  In 2013 he then moved to the North YMCA as a Director in the same role.  In 2014, Trey left the YMCA and began to work in the health field as the Chief Operations Officer for a Health & Dental Clinic in Wichita.  In August of 2018 he returned to the Y and accepted a position of Senior Program Director of the Dennis Schoenebeck North YMCA.  


Stephanie Waldeck, Senior Program Director

Bachelors in Business Quality Management

Stephanie started her career with the Greater Wichita YMCA in 1997 working part-time as a KidZone attendant at the East Branch.  She was promoted to the Youth and Family Director position at the East Branch at which time she also completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Quality Management.  She then moved into the administrative office at the East branch for a bit before moving up into the Metro office where she held several positions before leaving the YMCA in 2006.  She then returned to the YMCA in June of 2017 as a group exercise instructor, in May 2019 she joined the YMCA again in a full-time position as a Member Services Associate and continued to teach Pilates, in August 2020 she moved into the administrative assistant role and then in February 2022 she accepted the position of Senior Program Director over Membership, Fitness, Group Exercise and Youth and Family at the North Branch.

Ryan Littlejohn

Ryan Littlejohn, Senior Program Director

Ryan is married to his best friend, Tiffany Littlejohn and is the father of three children, Brynn, Crosby, and Rowan. Grateful to be apart of a great team, Ryan has fifteen years of management experience along with four years of operations experience in the health and wellness field. He excels at team building/management, communication, and customer service. Ryan is an active member of his church and also enjoys reading, hiking, men's small groups, serving in any capacity, hat collection, shopping, and spending time with his family. Ryan oversees Youth Sports, Aquatics, Martial Arts, Dance and Gymnastics at the North Branch.

Kendall Davis

Kendall Davis, Sports Director

Bachelors in Business from Pitt State

Kendall is a Wichita native attended Heights High, Hutchinson CC, and Pittsburg State University as a Football and Track student-athlete. Before work at the North YMCA, he had been coaching and personal training for the past 6 years in the inner City of Wichita. He is very passionate about youth sport and activities geared to instill life skills through athletics. Kendall started with the YMCA at the Steve Clark branch in March of 2020, where he developed youth programs around fitness as well as being a personal trainer emphasizing on health through exercise. Kendall is pleased to join a strong team at the North YMCA to use skills and knowledge around sports to continue providing opportunities for youth to stay actives. Kendall is married to DeAge’a and has  2 brilliant boys, Kendall Jr. 9 years old and Kylo 1 years old.    

Haley Johnson

Haley Johnson, Dance and Gymnastics Director

Dance, Gymnastics, Group Exercise: Zumba, Strong, Ybox, Cardio Craze, Barre, and Cycle

Haley started competitive dance when she was 5 years old. She later joined her high school dance team/competitive dance and went on to dance at Barton Community College from 2010 to 2012 for their team while pursuing her Performing Arts major. Also during that time, Haley taught at Barb's School of Dance. She then started teaching dance at the North YMCA in 2017, became head coach for GRIT Dance Company in 2019, and is now the Dance Director at North YMCA!

Crystal Owens, Youth and Family Coordinator

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources

Crystal graduated from WSU in 2004 with a BA in Human Resources. She has been with the Dennis Schoenebeck North YMCA since 2005 where she started in the Kid Zone. Later she also took on the role of Mom's Day Out teacher and Birthday Hostess. In May of 2018, she was promoted to Youth & Family Coordinator where she oversees Kid Zone, Mom 's Day Out, and Birthday Parties. 

Dalton Haight, Membership Director

Obtaining a degree from Wichita State University in Physical Education

Dalton started his career at the YMCA in 2014, as a part-time lifeguard at the West YMCA. In February 2015, he moved to the Membership Service team at the North YMCA. In October of 2015, he was promoted to part-time Manager on Duty. In August of 2016, he accepted the position of Assistant Membership Director at the Northwest YMCA. In November 2018, he accepted the position of Membership Coordinator at the Dennis Schoenebeck North YMCA. He brings his experience from two different branches and two different departments back to the North YMCA. He is excited to make new relationships and reconnect with old ones. He will be obtaining a degree from Wichita State University in Physical Education. 

Anisia Brumley

Anisia Brumley, Aquatics Director

Bachelors of Business Administration from WSU

Anisia is a life-long Wichitan and member of the North YMCA. She is completing her Degree in Business Administration at Wichita State University, with an emphasis in Economics and Management. Since 2016 Anisia has served our Aquatics Department as a lifeguard and was promoted to a Lead Guard in 2020. Anisia currently serves as our Aquatics Coordinator where she is eager to ensure that the North Branch pool has the safest, and most enjoyable, aquatics staff. She is passionate about community giving and providing an environment that best serves our members.

Jana Bleakley, Administrative Assistant

Personal Trainers
Suresh Menon Personal Trainer North YMCA

Suresh Menon, Personal Trainer

MEd Sports Management, Wichita State University
ACE CPT, ACE YMCA PT, ACE Senior Fitness Specialist
Strength and Conditioning, Beginner Fitness, Active Older Adult Fitness, Balance and Agility

Growing up in Malaysia, Suresh's passion for fitness began at a very young age while watching his dad doing calisthenics at home in the early hours of the morning. Both his mother and father always encouraged Suresh and his siblings to be active and healthy. 
Suresh has been with the Greater Wichita YMCA for 23 years, working in the area of health and wellness, currently at the North YMCA as a personal trainer, fitness floor associate and group exercise instructor certified through ACE and the YMCA. He had previously been fitness director at the YMCA of Hutchinson and Reno County for 12 years. 

In the last 23 years, Suresh has worked with a wide variety of individuals from teens to seniors, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. He now specializes personal training in the active older adult population, while also leading a senior strength and conditioning class every Friday and instructing a chair yoga class every Tuesday and Thursday focusing on balance, agility, mobility, and mindfulness.

Suresh’s mission through coaching and training is to help people realize their capabilities and become the very best version of themselves. 

“The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy” – Kenneth H Cooper. 

Cheryl Cortez Personal Trainer North YMCA

Cheryl Cortez, Personal Trainer

BS Dietetics and Nutrition, EMU
ACE YMCA CPT, ACE Group Exercise, YUSA Arthritis Foundation, Aqua Certified, YMCA LIVESTRONG Cancer Exercise Specialist Specialties: Nutrition, Weight Loss/Management, Strength and Conditioning, HIIT, TRX, Water Exercise, Balance and Agility, Active Older
Nutrition, Weight Loss/Management, Strength and Conditioning, HIIT, TRX, Water Exercise, Balance and Agility, Active Older Adults, Special Populations, Injury Recovery

Cheryl has had a lifelong interest in health and wellness, dating back to her high school years where she took weightlifting courses and special studies in nutrition. Though her life and career direction took her into the business world and family time, healthy eating and exercise still played an important role in her life, especially when her father, son, and mother faced health issues. That was when she knew her life’s purpose was to go back to school and learn everything that she could to help others overcome health issues and live longer, healthier lives.

After going back to college and getting a job as a group exercise instructor, she now has her degree in dietetics and nutrition from EMU and is a licensed dietician working in weight management while continuing to work part time at the YMCA. She feels grateful for the opportunities the YMCA community fosters and for the members she works with. Her hope is that her knowledge and dedication have a positive impact on others. Cheryl believes that every day is another chance to get stronger, eat better, and live healthier. It is never too late to start living your best life!

Zach Fox Personal Trainer North YMCA

Zach Fox, Personal Trainer

Masters in Exercise Science, Wichita State University
YMCA Certified Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor
HIIT, Beginners Fitness, Strength Training

Zach has a master’s degree in exercise xcience and bachelors in sport management from Wichita State University.  He has been involved with exercise and fitness for most of his life. He likes to have a good time in the gym but also wants to push you to achieve your goals.  Remember, pain is just weakness leaving the body. 

Matthew Shumaker Personal Trainer North YMCA

Matthew Shumaker, Personal Trainer

BS in Exercise Science, Wichita State University in progress
General Health and Fitness, Beginner Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Sports performance, Balance, Mobility, Endurance Training

Matthew became an ACE Certified personal trainer in 2021. His love for health and fitness started in high school and grew during the two years he spent playing collegiate level soccer. Since then, Matthew has been on an ongoing pursuit for knowledge regarding health and fitness related topics to try and help clients in the best possible way he can. Matthew loves working with people from all ages and fitness levels and his goal is to assist other individuals in achieving and/or exceeding their fitness expectations.

Erin Spurgeon Personal Trainer North YMCA

Erin Spurgeon, Personal Trainer

BS in Exercise Science, Wichita State University
ACSM Exercise Physiologist, YMCA Certified Personal Trainer
Wellness Coaching, High Intensity Interval Training, Weight Loss, Active Older Adult Fitness and Exercise for Cancer Survivors

Erin is an alumnus of Wichita State University where she graduated with a degree in exercise science. She is also a certified exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. Erin began working at the North YMCA in 2013 and has thrived on developing relationships with members and clients since then. Erin grew up in Colorado and spent lots of time outdoors doing things like hiking and snow shoeing but she became truly passionate about fitness when she began running track and cross country in high school and later in college. Erin still enjoys to run and be outdoors and also loves spending time with her husband and two boys. Erin’s goal is to help others achieve wellness as a whole including dimensions such as physical, social, emotional, spiritual, mental, etc. In Erin, you will find a trainer and also a friend.

Lawrence Dolloff Personal Trainer North YMCA

Lawrence Dolloff, Personal Trainer

Strength and Conditioning, Body Building, Return to Fitness, Injury Prevention and Recovery

Lawrence (Larry) was born in Wichita with a hereditary kidney disease that caused several hospital stays, but he did not let that stop him. At the age of twelve, he got his first set of weights and immediately set out to emulate the body building stars of the time - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper, Lou Ferriggno, and the like. His health improved dramatically, allowing him to participate in high school sports. He totally believes in the fitness lifestyle and the tremendous benefits that can be achieved, and wants to share his passion for fitness and weightlifting with others so they can live a more abundant healthy lives. 

Garrett Ewers Personal Trainer North YMCA

Garrett Ewers, Personal Trainer

Beginner Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Performance, Weight Loss

Garrett became a certified ACE PT in 2022 and is currently working on his NSCA certification as well. His love for fitness started in high school when he was playing football and basketball. Since that time, his love for fitness and for helping other reach their goals has grown. After high school, he went to FHSU where he studied Health and Human Performance. He intends to pursue his Master's in Exercise Science in the future. Fitness has always been something that will be a part of his life, and his goal is to help others include fitness into their lives one way or another. He enjoys working with people of all ages and want to push people to their highest performance level!

Tabitha Garden Personal Trainer YMCA North

Tabitha Garden, Personal Trainer

Beginner Fitness, Advanced Marathon Training, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition Couching, Weight Loss, Mind/Body Connection

Growing up, Tabitha had several influences to stay healthy - Her father, as a physicians assistant, and her mother, who struggles with cardiac conditions, to name a few - so it has always been important for her to stay healthy. In high school, she started her first weight loss journey so she could compete in cross country. She continued running, swimming and exercising ever since. She loves helping people achieve their goals from running in a new race to competing in shows to even just get healthy for life. Her passion for health started when she was a single foster mom working with teenage girls, seeing the need for health and wellness in the system, and how it helps with depression, weight loss, and life success. This also led into her other goal of helping women who have had trauma or past experiences that have messed with self esteem and body image concerns. Tabitha's mission is to inspire everyone to believe that they are loved, beautiful, they can do it and they are here for a reason.  

She has been at the North YMCA for 2 years starting out as a cycle instructor. Shortly after starting her cycle class, she earned her certification in muscle pump, HIIT, and Strong Nations.  Now, she has her Personal training certification through NASM. Her Muscle Pump classes run Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings as well as Saturday Mornings. She also runs a cycle class Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. 
"A little progress each day adds up to big results."