Face masks (covering nose and mouth) are required while inside our 10 branches and 3 YMCA Farha Sport Centers with few exceptions. Read our full policy for details. Thank you for your cooperation. 


The Greater Wichita YMCA offers nine branch locations - with a tenth under construction on the Wichita State University Campus -  four water parks, dozens of child care and camp options, 800+ group exercise classes weekly, and dozens of organized sports, wellness and health classes, and education programs.

We are also committed community partners and the area's leading resource for healthy spirits, minds, and bodies for all in the Andover, El Dorado, Newton, and Wichita communities and the greater Wichita metro area.

With that much going on - we know people will have questions. This page is designed to help answer the questions we hear most often, organized by topic area:

  • MEMBERSHIP - Options, pricing, and benefits of membership as well as financial assistance and membership termination
  • FACILITIES / USAGE (INCLUDING GUESTS)- Summary of locations, hours, offerings and options for access/use including parties and special events
  • GROUP EXERCISE - Overview of classes / offerings and how to find and participate in a class as a member or non-member
  • CHILD CARE and CAMP - Options, pricing, procedures, and policies for summer camps, child care, and drop-in Kid Zone
  • SPORTS and PROGRAMS - Details organized sports and activities including seasons, monthly, academy, and competitive
  • COMMUNITY PROGRAMS - Information on our programs and partnerships in the greater Wichita area and how you can get involved
  • CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP and CORPORATE WELLNESS - Our work with businesses to share membership costs and engage employee health
  • MISCELLANEOUS - A collection of questions that don't easily fit in one of the areas above and some general information

We've also included some links and other helpful contacts for ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.


How do I become a member?

We welcome you to join online or at the front desk of any Greater Wichita YMCA location during open hours. When you join in person you can get a full tour of the facility and have a staff member walk you through your Membership Application. You should be prepared to have photos taken of each new member for our internal records and should bring a voided check to establish your ongoing fee bank draft for monthly membership fees. Those who join online will fill out the same application and provide bank information but will have photos taken upon their first visit.

What categories/types of memberships do you offer?

The Greater Wichita YMCA offers five basic categories of memberships - youth (one child), individual (one adult), family (one or two adults and their children), active older adult/AOA/senior couple (two adults, both 65+), and active older adult/AOA/senior individual (one adult, 65+). All five types of membership include full access to all of our fitness facilities and water parks as well as discounts for all programs and special events for the member.

We also offer a few types of membership. Standard membership (direct payment), corporate membership (shared fees between employee, employer, and the Greater Wichita YMCA (based on participation/eligibility)), student membership (Wichita State University students, based on eligibility), and Silver Sneakers (based on eligibility).

Find full information on our membership categories and types on our Membership Options page.

Are there contracts or other commitments for membership?

No. The Greater Wichita YMCA allows flexible membership - meaning you can quit at any time. Information about terminating membership/quitting can be found lower down on this page.

How much does it cost to join and/or rejoin the Greater Wichita YMCA? Why charge a joiner fee?

We charge a $50 enrollment fee for (new or re-activated) individual, family, and both categories of active older adult memberships. Youth memberships have just a $25 enrollment fee (new or re-activated).

Our joiner fees help cover the costs of processing new memberships and contribute to our general fund for buildings, facilities, and community programs. Our joining fees eligible for income-based financial assistance consideration and we offer occasional promotions with reduced or eliminated fees for enrollment.

What is income-based financial assistance (IBFA) and how does it apply to membership?

The Greater Wichita YMCA is committed to providing all of the greater Wichita community with access to fitness, wellness, and a strong mind, spirit, and body regardless of the ability to pay. We proudly offer a range of free and low-cost programs for community wellness and also offer partial and full coverage of joining and membership costs for eligible members. To see if you are eligible for IBFA consideration, visit our financial assistance page or complete and return this application. The application also outlines paperwork or documentation that may be required to verify eligibility.

Current members who have experienced financial changes are also eligible for consideration. Just stop by the front desk on your next visit or chat with a Membership Director or Branch Director. 

What are the ongoing costs (rates) for membership?

Not including those with reduced monthly membership fees through IBFA and/or, Wichita State/student, Corporate Membership/Partner rates, and Silver Sneakers - the standard monthly/annual and enrollment cost for a Greater Wichita YMCA membership is:

  • YOUTH MEMBERSHIP (Ages 0-17) - $18/month ($216/year) with $25 enrollment fee
  • INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP (Ages 18-64) - $38.80/month ($465.60/year) with $50 enrollment fee
  • FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (1-2 Adults and Dependent Children) - $53.90/month ($646.80/year) with $50 enrollment fee
  • ACTIVE OLDER ADULT - SINGLE (Ages 65+) - $33.93/month ($407.16/year) with $50 enrollment fee
  • ACTIVE OLDER ADULT - COUPLE ((Both) Ages 65+) - $44.91/month ($538.92/year) with $50 enrollment fee

If you want to know your approximate costs - per person or family - based on income and membership type our rate calculator is a great resource.

How do I pay my monthly membership fees?

You will pay your initial costs (enrollment fee and pro-rated first month of membership) when you enroll. You can pay a year's worth of membership fees at any time with cash, credit, or debit card, or check. Otherwise - your monthly membership fee will be automatically drafted by electronic transfer from your provided credit or debit card or bank (checking or savings) account on the 15th of each month. You must visit a Front Desk to set up AutoDraft for credit cards or debit cards.

Are there fees or charges for failure to pay or issues processing payment?

Yes. If we attempt to run an AutoDraft for your monthly membership fees or any one-time fees - regardless of payment method on file (checking or savings account or credit or debit card) there is (effective June 1, 2019) a $20/instance fee. Please know that accounts that return non-sufficient funds (NSF) two or more times are subject to membership termination.These charges are held on your account and are subject to repayment even for closed memberships - either through re-activation or attempt to purchase other services or offerings.

Is there a way to share concerns or frustrations that impact my membership experience?

Absolutely. We would always welcome member feedback in the moment when we have our best chance to react and fix any issues they might be having. You can speak with any of our staff members if you feel uncomfortable in our branches. You can speak with the Branch Director if a staff member didn't ensure you have the best experience possible, and we welcome you to contact our leadership team in our "corporate" office at 316.219.9622 if you aren't getting the support you request or require at one of our locations of if you want to share your feedback at a higher level.

We welcome the same feedback and escalation process if you are having a wonderful time and want to compliment the staff and location but we really want to know when and where we can improve.

How do I cancel my membership?

Members may cancel or terminate their membership (quit) at any time but we REQUIRE all cancellations to be done in-person and at one of our branches to complete the required paperwork and to ensure there are no questions, future enrollments, or other considerations to be resolved.

Please note that we do not provide any partial/full refunds for unused days/weeks paid for as part of a monthly fee (but would encourage you to continue to use our facilities until your paid time is up) and we require 30-day written notice to stop bank drafts (done on the 15th of each month) so please consider that timing in your decision.

We'll always encourage you to tell us why you're quitting and would remind any member with financial concerns that we do provide income-based financial assistance for qualifying individuals and families.

Can I change my membership category without re-enrolling?

Yes. In some cases, especially with family memberships, we see inconsistent use of the membership and our staff can review your usage and help ensure the right level of membership or direct enrollment for you and your family. It might make sense to only have a child/youth membership in some situations or to move to a family membership with frequent enrollment in sports and programs without an existing membership.

We'll also work with you as your children near age 18 or when WSU Membership status changes or when you are eligible for senior rates - as appropriate. Have questions? Speak with any location's Membership Director or Front Desk staff. 


Does membership provide me access to all Greater Wichita YMCA locations?

Yes. While we assign all of our members a "home" location for sake of internal communication and record keeping and while some add-ons (like assigned lockers) don't necessarily go with you - a member of the Greater Wichita YMCA has full access to all of our facilities including all branch locations including Andover, El Dorado, Newton, and Wichita and water parks. This access includes all group exercise classes and the ability to enroll in sports and other activities. If your preferences or schedules have changed and you want to be assigned a new "home" location for add-ons - please just speak with our staff.

What are your hours?

Our locations are all open seven days a week but the open and close times will vary by location. For a specific location's hours, please visit our locations page and scroll below the map where you can access each facility. Their hours for their gym/fitness space, open / family pool, lane pool, courts, and - where applicable - water parks as are all group exercise and fitness program schedules are posted on their location page.

We, as an organization, only close for Christmas Day and Easter. There are several other days throughout the year (Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Halloween, etc.) where we might have reduced hours but we will promote those hours through our site and at each location.

Our water parks are open from the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day each season. The water parks will close for thunder/lightning storms and extreme rain as well as if the temperature falls below 70 degrees.

How will I know if there are weather-related closures at your locations?

We have a simple policy for weather-related closures and delays. Be it snow, ice, or extreme cold in the winter, cold weather in late-spring/early-fall (outdoor pool closures), or other outages due to mother nature, we will post any closures or delays on our website home page and the Greater Wichita YMCA Facebook page.

  • AM CLOSURES/CANCELLATIONS will be posted by 8:30 PM the night before
  • PM CLOSURES/CANCELLATIONS will be posted by 8:30 AM the morning of.
  • If you don't see any postings regarding closures and cancellations - we're open and operating our normal schedule (including group exercise, etc.) 

Our water parks will close for thunder/lightning storms and extreme rain as well as if the temperature falls below 70 degrees.

Check PlayerSpace or contact team coaches for any weather-related impacts to outdoor sport schedules and contact our locations should unexpected extreme weather (tornado, extreme heat or wind, etc.) happen or be forecast for our area.

Does the Greater Wichita YMCA participate in reciprocal membership programs - like YMCA Nationwide Membership?

Yes. We are proud to participate in the YMCA Nationwide Membership program - allowing our members to enjoy 2,000+ facilities nationally and allowing members of associations around the country to enjoy our facilities while visiting the Wichita area. Note that not all YMCAs are locally owned and operated. Some local Ys, including ours, will encourage you to consider fully joining their Y if you are a regular or frequent user of their facilities while traveling. Learn more about our participation in the program here. Always contact our front desks or the location where you may want to visit to ask any questions you may have on access or privileges.

Do I have to be a member to workout at your facilities or participate in programs?

No. Our facilities and all of our programs are available to the greater public so long as they comply with our general policies. You can purchase a DAY PASS for our facilities (fitness centers, open swim, courts, group exercise classes, etc.) for $10/day/person (aged 0+) or $18/day/family (one or two adults and their children, aged 0-22).

You can also enroll-in any of our sports and other programs that are not included in membership but you'll pay a higher enrollment fee for those activities. We also offer promotions, from time to time, including Free Fridays and Try the Y Tuesdays where visitors and guests are free. If you're interested in joining but want to truly sample the facilities first - speak with a membership director.

How can I leave feedback about my experience at one of your locations?

We recommend letting our front desk staff know any time you have feedback - good or bad - while at one of our locations. The sooner we know, the faster we can acknowledge the experience and right anything that may be out of place. If you would like to speak with someone specifically about an experience, we suggest the Branch Director as they are responsible for each location and the staff and are the first resource for providing support above the front desk staff. If you want to share feedback with our "corporate" office - please call 316.219.9622. Our staff will be able to direct you to the right person based on the subject and nature of your feedback.

Can I purchase a day pass for your fitness facilities, water parks, classes, etc.?

Yes. Day passes are available for $10/day/person (aged 0+) or $18/day/family (one or two adults and their children, aged 0-22). That cost will allow you entrance to all of our facilities - including our water parks between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend - and all group exercise and other activities included in membership. Sports, programs, child care (including drop-in Kid Zone) are not included in day pass rates but the staff at any location can help clarify additional options and costs for you.

Do you allow private parties (birthday parties, etc.) to be held at your locations?

Yes. We offer a variety of birthday party and other celebration themes and events at our facilities or our staff will work with you to create something truly special. You don't need to be a member of the Greater Wichita YMCA to host an event nor do all guests have to belong. Learn about party options and pricing here.

Can I rent a field, court, or entire building at a YMCA Farha Sports Center facility for a game or tournament?

Yes, and no. You can rent our turf fields (soccer and football), our baseball and softball fields, and/or our indoor courts (for volleyball, basketball, and general play) for part or all of a day presuming there are not other events scheduled on those surfaces. For information and pricing, click here. If you want to host a tournament at a Farha Sports Center, please contact our head of sports to talk about options.

Do you allow outside groups to use your meeting rooms and common areas for events?

If a room is open at our locations and if the group aligns with our mission and organizational goals, yes. We have a large conference/board room on the second floor of our Robert D. Love Downtown YMCA branch and we have meeting rooms at almost all of our other branch locations. Fees will vary by the type and size of your event and other factors including support needs, etc. To start a conversation about having a meeting at our locations, speak with the Brand Director for the facility where you'd like to meet.

Can I host an exercise, fitness, or wellness class or event at your facilities?

The simple answer is - no. We don't, typically, allow outside groups that we don't have a relationship with to use our facilities for programs or activities we offer and make available to our members and the community but we would welcome a discussion about how your group might partner with our organization or the opportunity for you to become an authorized teacher for our group exercise programs, etc. Please contact a branch director or head of Group Exercise for more information.

Can I hold a book club, civic organization meeting, or other community event at one of your locations? 

As outlined above - we do allow some groups to use our facilities for events but will always want to discuss the size and scope of your event and to determine how your organization aligns with our mission and offerings and to make sure our locations are the appropriate venue for your group. Please contact a branch director or our community development team for more information or to discuss your interest in us as a host site.

How long will the construction and renovation last at the East YMCA? Are you open while work is being done?

We are committed to finishing our renovation and enhancements to the East YMCA by early-Spring 2019. While work is being done we'll be updating, improving, and expanding the entire facility but - as part of that - will be moving around equipment, classes, and programs to allow for progress. We will remain open for the entire project but there will be some days or weeks where specific areas of the facility are not operating as usual. Please call the front desk at 316.685.2251 if you want to check on the status of a specific area or offering. We apologize for the inconvenience and cannot wait to show you the new East YMCA branch.

When will the Steve Clark YMCA and Wellness Center on Wichita State University Campus open? Will that facility be only for WSU students? 

While there is a lot of work still to be done, we are committed to opening our tenth branch location in January, 2020 if not sooner. We don't have any specific details on exact dates or timing available at this time.

The facility will be on Wichita State University's main campus but the location will be available to the entire community - Greater Wichita YMCA members and non-members using Day Passes - once construction is complete and the facility is ready for use. Similarly, Wichita State student memberships are honored at all of our facilities. We'll share news and updates as 2019 progresses.


What Group Exercise classes do you offer?

While specific offerings and timing vary by branch location - you can find a full schedule where you can sort by class type, location, instructor, and more by clicking here or you can find each branch's group exercise classes on their location page on our site (start here) - we offer 800+ group exercise classes weekly including:

  • BOOTCAMPS - Work your whole body in a circuit-training environment with a licensed instructor.
  • CARDIO - Aerobics, core, strength and endurance, and step classes available.
  • CORE and SCULPTING - Barre, Pilates, Piyo, and more for targeted muscle development.
  • CYCLING - Go far without ever leaving the studio with these high-intensity bike classes.
  • DANCE FITNESS - Wanna' dance? How about SH'BAM and ZUMBA morning, noon, and night?
  • HEART RATE TRAINING - Don't just participate in a class, WIN. Compete through heart activity.
  • KICKBOXING - The ultimate in cardio - Y-BOX and TURBOKICK are both ready to challenge you.
  • STRENGTH TRAINING - Use resistance and weight to improve in Body Blitz, Body Design, and Muscle Pump.
  • WATER EXERCISE - Enjoy Aqua Body Design, Aqua Zumba, Tabata, and more - all in the pool.
  • YOGA and STRETCHING - Improve mobility, flexibility, balance, and strength, all while focusing on being calm.

For age specific considerations - we have classes of various types that are specifically designed for kids and families and for active older adults, too.

What are the costs for participating in Group Exercise?

We offer 800+ group exercise classes weekly - across our locations - for members to participate in and enjoy at no additional charge. Non-members wanting to participate in group exercise will need to comply with all rules and restrictions and purchase a DAY PASS (see above) - available at the front desk of any of our branches.

What skill level is required for participation?

We encourage all our members to pursue fitness and wellness on their own terms and ambition but we also insist they be safe in the process, especially in our branches. We suggest starting slow with an introductory class or maybe observing and participating in limited ways at your first class if you're not sure about your general readiness. The instructors will also help you with an idea of what is expected in each class and - if you're not quite ready - options for getting you ready. If you're in a class and it gets to be too much, you can always just take a minute to rest and relax or you should immediately notify the staff if you're feeling stressed or unexpected physical pain.

Do you have the latest versions of classes like ZUMBA and SH'BAM? How often do those classes get updated?

Yes. Our instructors always use the latest offerings from classes like ZUMBA, SH'BAM and many more. Some classes are updated every six weeks, some every eight, and some every twelve - based on when the new choreography and music is made available. Check with the fitness team at any of our branch locations to find out when your favorite class will start again. 

Are all of your teachers/trainers/class leaders certified?

Absolutely. We verify all of our instructors have the appropriate certifications before they can start teaching at our Greater Wichita YMCA locations and we ensure they keep their certifications up-to-date. We also have additional training, for some disciplines, that are unique to the Y - that appropriate instructors must complete before they can teach or lead a class. Want to know more about an instructor? Speak with the Group Exercise or Fitness Director at any of our branches or look for their bio on the "Meet Our Staff" section of any of our branch location pages.

Interested in gaining certification to teach at the Greater Wichita YMCA or elsewhere? We offer certification training in a number of group exercise areas for a great price - and we help with job placement (at our locations), too.

How can I leave feedback about my Group Exercise experience?

We welcome your feedback to our instructors or to the staff at a branch location - either the front desk, the Fitness Director, or the Branch Director. If you have concerns about your experience and want to speak with someone in our "corporate" office contact our Senior Director of Group Exercise by email or phone at 316.219.9622.


Does the Greater Wichita YMCA offer ongoing, daily child care?

We do. We partner with local schools and other organizations in our community to provide affordable-to-no-cost (financial assistance is available) daily child care for infants, babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. Learn more about our child care program here and find information about our Child Development Centers here.

How can I access enrollment paperwork for child care or camp?

While we welcome you to enroll your child in child care at any of our branch locations or child care locations and to register for camp online or at any branch location, we do offer all the required paperwork for you download, complete, and return to us. Use the links below:

Do you offer child care while I work out at branch facilities?

Yes. We have Drop-In Kid Zone facilities available - for kids six-weeks-old through seven-years-old at all of our branches (with some child care available for some events at our Sport Centers). Hours will vary, slightly, by location and you can purchase one-time, multi-hour, or monthly access as membership add-ons or on top of Day Pass access. ALL children in the Drop Zone must be registered before they will be admitted and all kids and families using the service must comply with Kid Zone policies. To learn more about our child safety policies and procedures, click here.

Do you offer one-day or evening care for parents needing some down time?

Yes. We have Mom's Day Out and Parent's Night Out programs throughout the year at our locations. Kids ages 0-10 will participate in a variety of activities while you get some down time to be alone or together.

Do you offer before- and after-school programs for kids in the Wichita area? What about during days off and school breaks?

Yes. We have a number of programs for school-aged children before and after school and during school holidays and extended closures as well as summer break. Options include:

How much does child care cost?

Costs vary by location, time of year, age of your child, and other factors. You can find pricing on any of the pages on our site outlining child care options or the program's registration forms. As with all Greater Wichita YMCA offerings, income-based financial assistance is available to help offset or cover the cost of child care for families who qualify.

Are there additional fees or charges for payment delays?

Yes. Effective June 1, 2019 there is a $20/instance fee for all delayed or non-payment (non-sufficient funds (NSF) from AutoDraft, etc.). This applies to all Child Care and Camp programs, without exception. Please speak with our staff about income-based financial assistance if you need help with the costs of Child Care or Camp.

Do you offer all-day child care during longer school breaks like the holiday break and spring break?

Yes. Our School Day Out Fun Club welcomes students when schools are closed. for in-service days or extended breaks (holiday break and spring break, specifically) for the local public schools (USD 385 in Andover), (USD 490 in El Dorado, USD 373 in Newton, and USD 259 in Wichita) in towns and cities where we have branch locations. 

Do you offer summer camp programs?

Yes. We have twelve weeks of summer camp programming available in 2019 at nine different locations. Options include general day camp, sport camps, advanced sport camps, horse camp, family camp, special interest camp, educational camps, and adventure camps

All of our camps are available to members and non-members. Find full rates and costs (including financial assistance for qualifying families and campers) registration forms, and our Parent Handbook online. You can explore our camp options and start your camp registration hereKDHE forms are required for all campers BEFORE you can register them online and there is some additional paperwork required, even for members, to fully register their camper.

What are the dates of your Summer Camp program?

We offer a twelve week summer camp season with the first week having limited offerings between Monday, May 20 and Friday, May 24, 2019 and full camp open for the following eleven weeks from Tuesday, May 28 through Friday, August 9, 2019. Note that all of our camps are closed on Monday, May 27, 2019 (Memorial Day) and Thursday, July 4, 2019 (Independence Day). 

What are the age range(s) for your camp programs?

We welcome campers from ages 3-16 and have a special program for teens. Ages and access vary by camp type - see our Camp homepage for details.

Are you looking for camp staff or volunteers?

Yes. Camp hiring starts, annually, in February and our season formally runs from the day after Memorial Day through early-August. Training and orientation schedules vary by position and level. Find job opportunities at our camps here. If you want to volunteer at one of our camps - contact our Camp and Child Care team.


What sports does the Greater Wichita YMCA offer? What age ranges?

While members and non-members can informally enjoy volleyball, basketball, pickleball, racquetball, squash, and volleyball (see below for court rental options) We offer a variety of organized sports for kids, teens, and adults alike. Options include:

How can I access the sports registration paperwork?

While we welcome you to enroll in sports at the front desk of any branch location - you can also enroll in sports online (start by clicking here) or you can download registration forms and return them to us using the links below:

Can I reserve a racquetball court?

Yes. To learn more and start a reservation, click here.

When are your sports seasons? When is the deadline enrollment in each?

Our sports run year-round with different deadlines for each season. Our 2019 seasons and deadlines are as follows:

  • WINTER SPORTS (December (2018) - March) - November
  • SPRING and SUMMER SPORTS (April-August) - March 
  • FALL SPORTS (September-December) - July
My child has never played an organized sport before - is the YMCA an appropriate place to start?

We believe we are the BEST place to start. Our organized sports are organized by age and, in some cases, gender. Our more popular sports (by way of enrollment and participation numbers) are also often organized by skill level, too. When your child enrolls in sports at the YMCA they are assured a spot on the team, they will receive coaching and support, and they will play in each game - presuming they are honoring their commitments to the team and their own development. 

Do you offer competitive / club / league / traveling sports?

Yes. We welcome beginners and those just learning a sport but we also want to continue to challenge athletes as their skills develop. We offer a variety of competitive levels/options within the Greater Wichita YMCA including monthly/short season sports including our young kid and recreational leagues. including the following (for links to intro sports - click on the above question about sports offerings):

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Climbing
  • Dance
  • Flag Football
  • Gymnastics / Tumbling
  • Karate
  • Music Theatre
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • T-Ball
  • Taekwondo
  • Volleyball

For those who want a longer commitment/season and to develop - we have Academy options for:

We have some Advanced options including:

And we offer Club / Competitive teams for a number of sports programs including:

What is the difference between a YMCA Branch and a YMCA Farha Sports Center?

While very much a part of the Greater Wichita YMCA, our YMCA Farha Sports Centers (located adjacent to the Richard A. DeVore South YMCA Branch and near the Andover YMCA Branch) are exclusively used for organized sports. They don't have general fitness centers for every day member use, studios, racket sport courts, or pools. They do offer 65,000 square feet of turf on six fields, 180,000+ square feet of hardwood floor courts, and weight rooms and fitness facilities for teams that use the facilities. There are also concession stands and spectator seating.


What does it mean when you say my membership and program fees benefit the whole community?

We have dozens of programs and initiatives that are not tied to our fitness locations/branches or other exercise offerings. These programs, which typically focus on education, awareness, and engagement, are usually free for all participants and they are made possible, in part, by the income from our above-described programs and offerings.

In 2018 we supported more than 309,000 in the greater Wichita area through or various community development programs. Want to learn more? Click here.

What are the areas of focus for the Greater Wichita YMCA's Community Development programs?

We focus on areas and ways where we can extend the application of our mission - To put Christian principles into practice through programs that promote healthy lifestyles, strong families, and positive youth development to build healthy spirit, mind and body for all, regardless of ability to pay.

To that end we have initiatives that:

We also offer income-based financial assistance for all of our offerings and programs to honor our commitment of access for all - regardless of ability to pay.

We are also involved with partnerships and cooperative efforts with several local organizations, governments, schools, churches, non-profits, and service organizations including the Health and Wellness Coalition of Wichita.

Do you have a point of contact for talking about major gifts and supporting Greater Wichita YMCA philanthropic efforts?

If you want to talk about major giving and contributions to the Greater Wichita YMCA and our work in the community - please contact our Associate Vice President of Philanthropy by email or by phone at 316.219.9622.

How can I participate in the Golf Classic as a golfer or sponsor? 

Our Golf Classic is held, most years, on the first Friday in May at a course in Wichita, Kansas. We open registration for golfers and start seeking sponsors in February, most years. Learn more about this year's Golf Classic here.

Does the YMCA offer opportunities for my business or staff to partner on community programs?

Yes. We believe our community is at its best when it is working together. To talk about donations and major giving, volunteer opportunities, partnerships, and other ways we could work together to improve the greater Wichita area, contact our Community Development team by email or by phone at 316.219.9622.


What is the difference between Corporate Memberships and Corporate Wellness?

Our Corporate Membership program, available for companies with 5+ employees, allows companies to share the fees of membership with their employees and the Greater Wichita YMCA. Our Corporate Wellness program applies Greater Wichita YMCA resources to company health and wellness initiatives.

Learn more about Corporate Memberships by clicking here. Learn more about Corporate Wellness programs by clicking here.

Do you send representatives to employers to talk about your Corporate programs and to train employees on usage?

Yes. We will happily come meet with any perspective or enrolled Corporate Membership or Corporate Wellness partner including explaining rate options to HR and finance employees and general staff. Many of our Corporate Wellness programs are built around presence in your workplace to ensure good execution and engagement. Contact us at 316.219.9622 for more information and specific options.

What are the costs of a Corporate Membership plan for my company?

While costs will vary by package - Corporate Membership rates can be as low as $6.25/month/employee for the employer. 

Want to talk about Corporate Membership for your organization? Contact our Vice President of Membership and Wellness by email or phone 316.219.9622.

How can I determine if I am eligible for Corporate Member rates through my employer?

If you are an employee curious about your eligibility for Corporate Membership rates - check with your HR department or benefits coordinators to see if your employer offers these rates. While our staff can access a list of partner companies, the specifics of participation and availability to employees is not something we can clarify as all of our partners administer the program as they see fit.

My company doesn't have a Corporate Membership but I'd like to ask my HR department to consider one. What do I do?

We would encourage you, if you work for a company with five or more employees in the greater Wichita area, to have your HR team or benefits team contact us to start a discussion around potential participation. You can have them call us at 316.219.9622 or send us an email

Why are my Corporate Membership rates not being applied to my membership, program enrollments, or other add-ons?

All of our Corporate Membership partners administer their own program by way of participation, rate and fee sharing, etc. Please check with your HR team or benefits coordinators to trouble shoot any potential issues or to clarify offerings and percentages.  

What is involved with your Corporate Wellness program?

There are several available components to our Corporate Wellness portfolio and we customize all partnerships based on partner needs and requests. Find an overview of our corporate wellness and employee wellness / fitness initiatives by clicking here.

What are the costs associated with Corporate Wellness participation?

Costs for Corporate Wellness vary based on the scope of our partnership but they start at free / no cost. Want to talk about ways we can work together for healthier employees and communities? Email us or call us at 316.219.9622.

How do I document my Corporate Membership and/or Corporate Wellness participation?

Let's talk about what sort of documentation you might need and how we can work together to ensure you are covered. For Corporate Membership inquiries - contact our Membership Team by email or at 316.219.9622. For Corporate Wellness inquiries - contact our Wellness Team by email or at 316.219.9622.

How can I start a discussion about my organization partnering with the Greater Wichita YMCA and your Corporate partners?

Just email our Corporate Membership or our Corporate Wellness leads or call 316.219.9622. We'll be happy to schedule a call and/or meeting to talk about how we can work collaboratively for better health and wellness in your workplace and our community.


What is the mission of the Greater Wichita YMCA?

Our mission is "to put Christian principles into practice through programs that promote healthy lifestyles, strong families, and positive youth development to build healthy spirit, mind and body for all, regardless of ability to pay". Learn more about our mission and how our work, programs, and offerings further that mission by clicking here.

Is the Greater Wichita YMCA a non-profit?

Yes. We, specifically, are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

What are the rules and policies of the Greater Wichita YMCA?

You can find all of our operational and organizational policies including - Membership Terms and Conditions, Membership Agreement, EFT and Credit Card Authorization, Cancellation, Access to Programs and Services, Cell Phones, Privacy, Promotional Photo/Video Notice, Program Credits, Vouchers, and Refunds, Safety, Smoking and Tobacco, Staff Certifications, Use of Facilities and Use of Pools, Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), Release and Waiver of Liability, Sex Offender Screenings, YMCA Nationwide Membership Program restrictions, Day Pass / Guest Policies, and Online Security and Privacy for site and social media users by clicking here. To learn more about child safety policies and procedures, including recent and ongoing enhancements, click here.

How do I sign-up for or unsubscribe from your member and program emails?

If you want to start receiving emails from us, use the "subscribe" box at the bottom of any page on our website. If you are a member and you want to MODIFY the email address we have on file for you, please log-in to the site and adjust your member settings including the email you list for contact. If you received an email from us that you don't want to continue to receive or if you want to modify the destination address for that email, please use the email itself and follow "unsubscribe" instructions at the bottom of the email or respond to the sender and ask them to remove you from their database. Please note that some of our databases carry overlapping email addresses so you may need to update or unsubscribe more than once. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Do you sell bundles of Day Passes and what are the terms and conditions of usage?

Yes. Stop by any branch location to buy bundles of Day Passes for our fitness centers an/or water parks or to talk about bundles of drop-in Kid Zone hours and more. 


Once you've perused the content above - if you still have any questions or concerns or if you want to get more information - please don't hesitate to let us know. You can engage with the Greater Wichita YMCA staff in the following ways:

  1. Stop by any of our LOCATIONS during open hours. Our Membership Associates at the front desk can answer questions or get you to someone who can help.
  2. Call 316.219.9622 between 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday or 10AM-6PM Saturday, Sunday. Our staff can answer most questions or route your call to the appropriate person.
  3. Use our CONTACT US page, available 24/7, to submit questions or feedback and have the information routed to the right person or department.
  4. Drop us an EMAIL or mail us a note - Greater Wichita YMCA, 402 N. Market Street, Second Floor, Wichita, KS 67202. 

We appreciate your interest in the Greater Wichita YMCA and we look forward to helping you find answers to your questions.



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