In response to COVID-19-related public health concerns, the Greater Wichita YMCA has suspended traditional operations:

  • ALL branches/facilities are CLOSED. Spring Programs (Sports, etc.) are CANCELLED.
  • ALL Summer Program (Sports, Camp, etc.) Enrollments have been PAUSED.
  • ALL charges/fees are PAUSED. Credits were automatically issued, refunds are available.

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Time - especially for parents with small children in the home - always seems limited. Between work, social and professional obligations, activities for kids and the family, and more it might feel selfish or impossible to prioritize time to work out to relieve stress and improve your body, attend a group exercise class for fun and fitness with friends, or to participate in our adult sport leagues.

The Greater Wichita YMCA, to make it easier for parents to find time to improve their wellness - spirit, mind, and body - offers: 

  • KID ZONE Drop-In Nursery hours WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT at ALL 10 area branch locations
  • Qualified child care providers personify the Y's core values of caring, honestly, respect, and responsibility
  • Children can enjoy free play or participate in fun, group activities including games, stories, and more
  • Safe centers that ensure open spaces and play while making sure kids leave only with their parents
  • Availability for all kids (ages six-weeks- to seven-years-old) of members and guests who meet our policies
  • Options and pricing that allows parents to match their Kid Zone coverage and cost to their needs



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We know that you may have questions about how our Kid Zone Drop-In Nursery centers "work" including policies and pricing. Below are a list of our most common questions but you are encouraged to talk with any Kid Zone staff members or front desk staff at any of our locations or Contact Us if you have more questions.

How do I register my child for Kid Zone Drop-In Nursery Care?

Registering your child for the Kid Zone takes just a few minutes. It is easier and faster if you are already a Greater Wichita YMCA member but visitors can also use the Kid Zone provided the guest and their children comply with our larger policies. Once you have registered your child for Kid Zone care it takes just a few minutes to check them in and check them out during your visits. Please note that you may be required to re-register your child at each branch location where you use Kid Zone if they are not in our centralized system. This is for your child's safety.

Can I check my child(ren) in to the Kid Zone and leave to run errands, visit the doctor, or do other quick things?

No. You are required to stay on site and available (by text or page) for the entire time your child in in the Kid Zone. Any failure to comply will carry appropriate consequences.

Are your Kid Zone centers safe? Is the staff qualified?

Yes. Our Kid Zone Drop-In Nursery centers are designed to be a safe place for children within our larger facilities. Only parents who drop-off a child can pick-up that child. If there are issues with a child (behavior, illness, etc.) while in the Kid Zone the parent will be notified by page and text immediately. There are policies for weather emergencies and similar incidents, too.

Our staff is screened and carefully vetted and they all carry required certifications and qualifications to provide child care in our facilities. Staff is, specifically, certified in CPR and First Aid to ensure the safety of your child during their visit. In addition, staff members work hard to develop a variety of age-appropriate activities to keep your child active and engaged in Kid Zone.

Our Kid Zone facilities and staff are all compliant with our Child Safety Policies and Procedures

How much does Kid Zone and Drop-In Nursery time cost? What are my payment options?

Kid Zone is an ADD-ON to membership (not included in monthly fees) but it can be added in just a few minutes at any of our front desks. Payment at the front desk or Kid Zone can be made by cash, check, debit or credit card. Online and on-going (AutoDraft) payments are ONLY AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS.

  • MONTHLY AUTODRAFT - Up-to 2 hours/day/kid of Kid Zone time. $13/month for one child. $18/month for two-or-more children in the same family.
  • HOURLY RATE $6/hour/child (minimum one hour purchase)

ALL Kid Zone time is charged in 30-minute (.5 hour) increments so please plan accordingly. 

Can my child have food or beverage in the Kid Zone?

Yes. You can leave a healthy snack or a drink with your child. You can provide water or clear juice in spill-proof cups (milk allowed ONLY for infants) and healthy snacks. Branches may vary in the type of snacks allowed so please check with your Kid Zone specifically. Note that NO candy, gum, peanut products, or meals are allowed.


The Greater Wichita YMCA offers respite care and hundreds of other options to support healthy spirit, mind, and body including:


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