Try Out for the FSC Cougars and Compete at a Local, Regional or National Level

The FSC Cougars Volleyball Club is committed to offering the best experience for our teams for an unbeatable price. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to grow at the competitive level regardless of ability to pay. Our experienced and certified coaching staff offers skill and teamwork development while players learn to play and win with a diverse group of other young athletes. We offer two convenient locations for practices at our top-notch facilities, the South & Andover Farha Sport Centers.

Competitive Club Volleyball

  • TEAM FORMATION 8-10 players per team roster with coach
  • LEAGUE FORMAT Our FSC COUGARS are lead by HOA-certified coaching staff and practice at our South YMCA Farha Sport Center. Players will advance their skills and achievements through challenge and encouragement.

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Three Levels of Play

National Teams


  • YMCA member $650 per player
  • Non-member $750 per player


  • 8-9 events including a National Qualifier


  • 2-3 per week for 2 hours each
Regional Teams


  • YMCA member $550 per player
  • Non-member $650 per player


  • 8-9 events including Regionals


  • 2 per week for 1.5 to 2 hours each
Local Teams


  • YMCA member $450 per player
  • Non-member $550 per player


  • 6 local events


  • 2 per week for 1.5 to 2 hours each

Additional Fees and Payments

Additional Fees

Uniform Cost - $125 - must be paid by 11/10/2023.

Payment Information

Additional Fees - The additional fees for uniforms fees ($125) must be paid by 11/10/2023. 

Base Fee - The base fee can be paid up front by 11/10/2023 or bank drafted in three payments on 12/1/2023, 1/1/2024, 2/1/2024, or 3/1/2024.

Financial Assistance - Income-based financial assistance is available through the YMCA. Program discounts up to 50% upon qualification.

FSC Cougars Coaches and Alumni

Chad Heitman

Chad Heitman, 16-1

Chad has been coaching club for FSC for the past 6 seasons and coaches for the advanced league during the off seasons. Chad's favorite part about coaching is being able to make a positive impact on kids' lives. "The tournament wins are nice, but if I can help a kid improve their confidence and teach them what it means to be a good teammate, they can use that for the rest of their lives."

David Ramirez

David Ramirez, 11-1, Boys

David is in his 9th season coaching for the FSC Cougars. He began coaching his daughter in the rec league and continued to coach and grow as she did. She is now a setter for Friends University. David's favorite part of coaching is watching the players make adjustments to their game so they can achieve success, taking what they have learned in practice and performing the skill in the game. He loves seeing players interact with each other and be good teammates.

Tam & Don Lively

Tam & Don Lively, 16-1

Tam and her husband, Don are in their 6th season as coaches for the FSC Cougars. In addition to coaching club, they often take on a couple teams in the advanced league to keep their players (and other who want to play for them) active in the sport. Tam and Don's favorite part about coaching is watching the girls play the game they love and having fun doing it. "The smiles on their faces when they accomplish something they have been working hard on is priceless!"

Dave & Jamie Geier

Dave & Jamie Geier 14-1, 17-1

Dave and Jamie will be starting their 5th season as FSC Cougars coaches this winter. Their favorite thing about coaching is watching the girls grow and develop into confident young leaders. "We love watching them step up and witness first-hand the emotions of victory when they accomplish a challenging goal. Our #1 priority is to keep them growing and playing the game for as long as possible!"

Andrea Gates

Andrea Gates, 17-3

Andrea is starting her 4th season as an FSC Cougar coach this upcoming season. She was a former FSC Cougar player and currently is a supervisor for the FSC volleyball programs. Andrea has experience coaching in the advanced league, volleyball academy and countless private lessons. Her favorite part about being a volleyball coach is being able to watch the growth in her players' skill level from the beginning of the season all the way to the end.

Nicole Klusener

Nicole Klusener, 13-1

Nicole will be starting her 4th season for the FSC Cougars. She previously played at Butler CC and recently transferred to Bethel College to play volleyball. She has been involved in coaching for the advanced league as well as the volleyball academy. She loves being able to share her passion for sports with players and being able to encourage and teach them new skills. Nicole says her favorite part of coaching is, "helping kids reach their goals and seeing them develop and grow into the athletes they want to be."

Jim Goebel

Jim Goebel, 12s, boys

Jim is coaching his second season for the FSC Cougars as the 14-4s coach. He is the Sunrise Christian Academy head volleyball coach and has been there for many years. After being gone for a handful of years, we are excited to welcome Jim back to the FSC Cougars family. His experience and love of the game will be an asset for his team.

Maela Stevens

Maela Stevens

Class of 2019
Southwestern College - S

Kierra McGuire

Kierra McGuire

Class of 2019
Pratt Community College - DS/L

Kendra Gooden

Kendra Gooden

Class of 2018
Bethel College - MH/RS

Madyson Likes

Madyson Likes

Class of 2018
Barclay College - L/DS

Gabrielle Ramirez

Gabrielle Ramirez

Class of 2018
Friends University - S/DS

Zenzele Asante

Zenzele Asante

Class of 2017
Labette CC - MH

Victoria Worden

Victoria Worden

Class of 2014
Friends University -OH/DS


Players formally tryout to participate. They are evaluated on SKILL LEVEL and DEMONSTRATED DESIRE to play and the need at their position(s). Players are then slotted, based on evaluation, to be on team "1", "2", or "3" with the overall best players on team 1, etc. This allows the talent level within each team to be more consistent and to best-challenge individual players and improve team outcomes. While know tryout/evaluation/placement process is perfect - our on-going results show this system works best for our teams and our commitment to our core values and mission.


Our first priority is to ensure athletes are building skills and competitive experience the RIGHT way - with a focus on core values and good sportsmanship and character. Our coaches work with each individual player to develop their skills and help them set, work toward, and accomplish their own goals for the team, for themselves, and for their
playing careers. Our experience has proven that with good mentoring, dedication, and hard work there will be progress made on the court and that directly applies to life and experiences off the court. While no club can guarantee players a college scholarship, the vast majority of collegiate volleyball athletes are recruited through the "club" circuit
with advanced, competitive play and we believe there is an opportunity for our better players to compete at the next level.

FSC Cougars, through our NCSA partnership, have performance and results shared with and available to college coaches. We also participate in tournaments of a caliber that attracts college coaches and recruiting staff who want to see potential recruits and players play. The Greater Wichita YMCA nor FSC Cougars coaches and staff make any commitments beyond potential exposure.

We empower athletes to put in the hard work to be recruited by giving them the tools to be successful with the support of coaching and club staff that know each kid as an individual as well as a volleyball player. We believe that if a kid is willing to put in the work (both on the court and academically), there is an opportunity for them to play at the next level.


The Facilities - The FSC Cougars (a program of the Greater Wichita YMCA) is the only club around that owns TWO facilities for practices and tournaments.

The Price - As a part of the YMCA, we offer income-based financial assistance and flexible payment options.

The Family - The FSC Cougars Volleyball Club provides a safe and fun atmosphere where players become more than just a team, but a family.