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Ages: 7 - 12 yrs

Fees: $200 member / $220 non-member (plus $25 transportation fee)

Times: 6:30A-6:00P, M-F

View our Parent Handbook for packing lists, check-in and checkout procedures and required information. 

Campers spend half their day with their horses learning riding skills such as sitting trot, centered riding techniques, and riding through an obstacle course. They will meet local veterinarians and shoers when they are at camp and discuss health/grooming of a horse.
Campers also get to enjoy activities such as swimming, hiking, team games, arts and crafts, low ropes course activities, canoeing, archery, and camp special events. 


In addition to a theme, Y camps feature a weekly focus on one of our core values - caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Click the weeks below, to view its description, wacky wednesday and more. 

Session 2 | May 28 - May 31 | Goop Magic / Summer Safari

Join us for messy team challenges, jell-o contests and ooey, gooey, slimy activities, wacky relays, foil art and a safari scavenger hunt. 

Characteristic Challenge: Respect

Wacky Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day

*Closed on Memorial Day

Session 3 | June 3 - June 7 | Pirate Invasion

Ahoy matties! Where is your treasure? Create your own pirate flag, eyepatch and treasure maps, taste wallaby soup, flour wars, cannonball toss, sand art, shipwrecked survivor challenges and discover treasure of friendships through teambuilding activities. 

Characteristic Challenge: Respect 

Wacky Wednesday: Dress up as a Pirate 

Session 4 | June 10 - June 14 | Wild West

Howdy Partner! Grab your hat and boots as we welcome you to the Wild West with a gold rush, country line dancing. Build your wagon for the races, checkout the stars and discover our solar system, sing some country karaoke and explore the wild west.

Characteristic Challenge: Honesty

Wacky Wednesday: Dress up as a Cowboy/Cowgirl

Session 5 | June 17 - June 21 | Color Wars 

Create team flags, put on your facepaint and enjoy a week of color wars as we compete as teams through ding dong baseball, capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, Australian kickball, noodle wars, minute to win it challenges and wacky olympic games. Make sure to bring a t-shirt to tie dye.

Characteristic Challenge: Caring

Wacky Wednesday: Wear your favorite team

Session 6 | June 24 - June 28 | Wet and Wild

Wet and wild activities all week include: slip and slides, obstacle courses, hula hoop competitions, water gun wars, Will It Float? STEAM projects, water balloon volleyball, sprinkler tag and a cookout. 

Characteristic Challenge: Respect

Wacky Wednesday: Moustache Day

Session 7 | July 1 - July 5 | Happy Holidays

New Let the festivities begin! We hope you're in the holiday spirit as this week is all about the holidays. Get ready as we celebrate as many holidays as possible within a week. Join us for some holiday fun as we spread cheer with our favorite holidays. 

Characteristic Challenge: Responsibility 

Wacky Wednesday: Elfie's (dress up like an elf and take group selfies)

*Closed July 4th 

Session 8 | July 8 - July 12 | Around the World in 5 Days

Create your passport as we travel around the world to discover new cuisines by trying new foods, games and arts of different cultures such as African face masks, Egyptians art, Chinese scroll painting and the artist in you. 

Characteristic Challenge: Caring

Wacky Wednesday: Pajama Day

Session 9  | July 15 - July 19 | Outdoor Adventures

Step outside and enjoy planet earth as we discover greet art, nature crafts, trail mix, classic outdoor games, outdoor cooking, sidewalk chalk and recycling projects.

Characteristic Challenge: Responsibility 

Wacky Wednesday: Crazy Socks 

Session 10 | July 22 - July 25 | Time Travel

Jump back in time as we fly through the ages of fossil digging for dinosaur eggs, hunting in caves, looking at caveman drawing, watching erupting volcanoes. Jump to the disco era, attend a sock hop, explore the year 2050 and return to camp for the talent show (parents welcome to attend).

Characteristic Challenge: Responsibility 

Wacky Wednesday: 70/80's Dress Up 

Session 11 | July 29 - Aug 2 | Topsy Turvy Wizardy

Calling in Muggles and Potter fans. Practice quidditch, find  your perfect wand, let the Sorting Hat choose your house, cook up some potions and survive the Whomping Willow, visit the Common Room and the Honeydukes. A carnival rounds out the week with clothes on backwards.

Characteristic Challenge: Honesty

Wacky Wednesday: Crazy Hat Day

Session 12 | Aug 5 - Aug 9 | Super Heroes

Calling all heroes! Camp needs your help this week with Olympics of the Mouth, water gun fights, deciphering codes and looking for the evil villians who plans to destroys everything in its path. A super hero can teach is about responsibility, respect, honesty and caring for our environment. Meet an everyday super hero, the call to action is now. 

Characteristic Challenge: Caring

Wacky Wednesday: Dress up as a Super Hero



6-7 yrs


8-10 yrs


11-12 yrs


13-15 yrs

Chapel, Swimming, Wet Willie Slide, Boating, Fishing, Team Building Activities, Field Sports, Target Sports, Crafts, Expanded Pond/Beachfront Area, Nature Center, Tube Slides, Hiking, Outdoor Environmental Education, Skate Park, Gaga Pit, Friendship Circle, 50ft Alpine Climbing Tower, Sling Shot Target Range yes  yes  yes  yes 
Ropes Challenge Course, Archery, Parachute Games, BB Guns, Outdoor Laser Tag   yes yes  yes
Mountain Bike Trail Rides, Giant Swing     yes  yes
Bi-weekly Field Trips, Leadership/Character Development, Community Service Projects and H-Y-D-E daily broadcast Camp Hyde News/Announcements and Songs       yes


Level 1 | Filly
  • Demonstrate proper approach, lead, mount, dismount
  • Identify 5 parts of horse
  • Identify 5 grooming tools and their use
  • Give 3 horse safety rules
  • Identify 3 parts of bridle and 3 parts of saddle
  • Describe 2 gaits of a horse
  • Stand in the stirrups at the walk
  • Describe your favorite moment at horses
Level 2 | Colt
  • Identify 10 parts of a horse
  • Identify 5 horse breeds and discuss their proper uses
  • Properly groom a horse
  • Give 6 horse safety rules
  • Demonstrate proper safety around the horses
  • Describe 4 gaits of a horse  
  • Tie a safety knot
  • Assist in cleaning manure
Level 3 | Stallion
  • Identify 15 parts of a horse
  • Identify 6 parts of the bridle
  • Identify 10 parts of the saddle
  • Identify 5 colors of a horse and describe or give an example
  • Assist with cleaning water trough
  • Begin a sitting trot
  • Learn how to properly tack up a horse
  • Assist with chores
Level 4 | Ranch Hand/WIT
  • Identify 20 parts of a horse
  • Identify all face markings
  • Discuss feeds, feed storage and proper feeding of a horse
  • Begin a posting trot
  • Identify all parts of a hoof
  • Properly wrap a horse’s leg and explain reasons for wrapping
  • Assist with chores Assist wranglers with lessons on ground in arena
  • Assist wranglers with trail rides
  • Properly Saddle/bridle horses
  • Ride a 7x7x7 (Sitting trot for 7 beats, posting trot for 7 beats, and standing at the trot for 7 beats).
  • Teach another camper how to saddle/bridle a horse
  • Identify every horse by name
  • Discuss and perform first aid on a horse
  • Assist with horse show (rodeo)
  • Demonstrate a controlled canter 



Dates: May 28 - August 9
Must have a minimum of three years of experience with horses in frontier camp or in similar experience. 

Camp Rodeos

Accordion content 2.Dates: June 28 & July 26
Come watch the fun as the Frontier campers demonstrate their skills at the Camp Rodeo. Starts at 10:30A.

Horses At Night | Frontier Overnights

Enjoy Camp Hyde overnight! Ride horses in the evening, have a cookout and sleep under the stars! Campers attending Camp Hyde during that week AND are enrolled for at least one week of Frontier Camp this summer. 

Dates: June 20 & July 18
Fees: $15 per night

Bus Stop Drop Off & Pick Up Times

Bus Stops: 

  • Drop Off 6:30-8:30A (breakfast included, buses leave at 8:30A)
  • Pick Up 6:00P (Campers return at 4:30P, snack included)

Camp Hyde:

  • Drop Off 7:30A
  • Pick Up 5:30P


Camp Hyde 
  • 26201 W 71st St South, Viola
  • Weeks 2-12, 5/28-8/9
North YMCA
  • 3330 N Woodlawn
  • Weeks 2-12, 5/28-8/9
YMCA South Farha
  • 3405 S Meridian, South YMCA campus
  • Weeks 2-12, 5/28-8/9
  • 6940 Newell
  • Weeks 2-12, 5/28-8/9
  • 9333 E. Douglas Avenue, Wichita, KS 67206
  • Sessions 2-12 (Tu. 5/28 - Fri. 8/9)
Downtown YMCA
  • 402 N Market
  • Weeks 2-12, 5/28-8/9
Maize South Elementary
  • 3404 N Maize Rd
  • Weeks 2-11, 5/28-8/2
Goddard Explorer Elementary
  • 454 S 167th St West
  • Weeks 2-11, 5/28-8/2
Church of the Magdalen
  • 12626 E 21st N
  • Weeks 2-11, 5/28-8/2