Wellness Workshops & Webinars

Let the Y equip your employees with the tools to sift through the clutter and make positive life changes.

2019 Power Lunch Webinar Series

Webinars are designed to provide participants with 50 minutes of fresh wellness information and an opportunity to identify their personal wellness goals. Employees can participate on their own or in a group setting. Companies will receive attendance reports, recordings of the webinar following the LIVE session, and survey feedback from individuals who participated.

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Interactive Wellness Workshops

YMCA wellness workshops are designed to provide participants with fresh wellness information and an opportunity to identify their personal wellness goals. The Y will present the topic of focus, facilitate group discussion and guide individual goal setting. *Preferred length of presentation: 60 minutes

Physical Activity:

Don’t Just Sit There: Physical activity goes beyond the time spent on the treadmill. In a culture that promotes and supports sedentary behaviors, movement has to be an intentional practice. Understand the why and how to adding more activity into your daily living!

Restoration and Recovery: How much is too much? Learning how to optimize the balance between work and rest can mean the difference between injury and healing.


Healing Foods: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates Food is fuel for our body. Discover how fiber, fats, antioxidants and other nutrients provide unique benefits to boost your health.

Food & Mood: Did you know your food choices affect your emotions? And your emotional state impacts your decision making when it comes to food? Learn ways to stay in control so food doesn't rule your mood!


Multi-tasking – Fact or Fiction? What does the research really says about multi-tasking. You may be surprised and relieved by what the experts are finding in terms of its effect on productivity and personal well-being.

Mind FULL versus Mindful: A decluttered mind and being fully present in the moment can lead to better outcomes in all areas of your life. Learn and embrace the practice of mindfulness.

Stress – Harmful or Helpful? Reframe how you think about stress to use stress to your benefit.

Medical / Self Care:

Know Your Numbers – For many, the information they receive following a health screening often seems foreign and confusing. Understanding your health numbers and how to make improvements will be simplified as participants review their results one value at a time.

Preventive Practices: Take a look at your disease risk based on family history, habits and behaviors, and preventive action. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Bedtime Basics: Sleep plays a bigger factor in health, productivity, weight management and decision making than you may have thought. A better night leads to a better day!

Financial: Financial Fitness: Finances are a leading cause of stress in the United States. Applying basic skills can help individuals better understand their financial state and take small steps to improve spending and savings habits.

Rates: Y Corporate Membership Partners: $150/presentation | Community Partners: $250/presentation

Contact us with questions or to schedule: Holly Hajjaj, Corporate Wellness Director, | 316-776-8179