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To begin the registration process:

Next Steps:

  1. Complete online KDHE and payment agreement forms
  2. Complete the Key Academy registration form including program site and service schedule preferences and calculating weekly participation fees.
  3. Take completed enrollment form to any Greater Wichita YMCA branch to secure your space.

Important Reminders:

  • AutoDraft is available through credit or debit cards.
  • Fees are due, and registration closes, by 10:00PM the Monday BEFORE the week of service, or selected start date.
  • Need help with your account, have questions about enrollment or want to make a change? Reach out to our team in Child Care Accounts at or 316-776-8842.

2022-2023 Weekly Fees

  YMCA Member Community Participant
Before School (Breakfast Included) $55 $60
After School (Snack Included) $60 $65
Before and After School (Breakfast and Snack Included) $70 $75


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Our most frequently asked questions

Why should I choose KEY Academy for my child?

KEY Academy is an ideal complement to the school day for students K-5. The program takes place at the school, so parents/guardians can modify their drop-off/pick-up times without adding a stop to morning and evening routines, and children can be in a known, comfortable environment. Our staff - trained and lead by certified staff - extend the school day with learning, games, activities, and fun and can provide homework support allowing families to enjoy their evenings together. 

What will my child gain through KEY Academy participation?

Children who participate in KEY Academy will have additional time with peers for building relationships and social and physical activities. They will receive homework and learning support from trained staff with access to additional in-school resources when appropriate. Children will also participate in activities and programs - that change throughout the year - to keep them engage and excited.

Does my child have to participate in KEY Academy to participate in school day(s) out and/or break club?

No. While priority at some schools is given to KEY Academy participants who want to enroll in School Day(s) Out - participation is not required. Break Clubs are entirely distinct from KEY Academy with the exception of paperwork.

How often must I complete KDHE forms?

New KDHE forms must be completed each year. 

What changes have you made due to COVID-19?

We have made the following changes to our program’s physical environments:

  • All soft-surfaced items (including-but-not-limited-to; stuffed animals, dress-up clothes, cloth pillows, etc.) that cannot be easily sanitized have been removed.
  • Play-Doh, clay, and finger painting activities will not be provided.
  • Children will be assigned individual totes for writing and art tools; shared tubs of crayons, markers, scissors etc. have been removed.
  • Each group of children will have assigned board games and manipulative activities that will be disinfected at the end of each week/session.
  • Water fountain use will be limited to filling water bottles.
  • Personal items stored in baskets will be positioned so they are not touching others and will be disinfected at the end of each day.

Promotion of social distancing is being supported by:

  • Additional seating and/or staggered meal times will be used to maintain distance during food service. Meals will no longer be served “family” style.
  • A site director or other staff member will be assigned as “group leader” to provide consistent supervision to a designated group of 15 children.
  • Combining of groups will be limited as much as practical at all times.

Enhanced health practices include:

  • Implementation of daily wellness screenings for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Adults and children, non-essential to program operations, will be limited in program areas.
  • Staff and children will be washing hands frequently including between all activities - hand sanitizer will be used when hand washing (soap/water) is not practical.
  • Wearing of facial coverings during physical play/activities and while outdoors will vary to meet individual school district guidelines at/for each location.
  • Hard surfaces throughout the program will be sanitized each day.
  • Outdoor/playground schedules will be limited to 45 children at a time and will adjusted, when possible, to provide extended outdoor play/activity opportunities.