Summer Camp

Branch Adventure Camps

Imaginations required at the Y’s Adventure Camps – the destination for youth who are up for a challenge and enjoy doing new things! Field trips – all held outdoors to maximize physical activity and interaction with nature – are included in weeks 1-9. Camp meets from 6:30 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Dates and Locations

From June 1-August 5, YMCA Branch Adventure Camps are available at the following locations:

  • Andover YMCA, 1115 E. US Highway 54, Andover, Kansas
  • Northwest YMCA, 13838 W. 21st Street N., Wichita, Kansas
  • South YMCA, 3405 S. Meridian Avenue, Bldg. 100, Wichita, Kansas

From June 1-July 30, YMCA Branch Adventure Camps are available at the following locations:

  • East YMCA, 9333 E. Douglas, Wichita, Kansas

Fees for weeks 1-3, 5-7, 9-10: $130 member; $150 non-member

Fees for weeks 4 and 8: $140 member; $160 non-member

Bus transportation not available for Branch Camps.

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Weekly themes & field trips
  • Week 1, June 1-4
    • Theme: Discover Science & Messy Mayhem: Mad science kicks off the summer as we create/explore by creating SLIME/Gak, Paper mache volcanoes, STEM experiments.  Add in messy games and activities to create a slimy, grimy, goopy a magical experience. (Please send campers in clothes to get messy).
    • Character Challenge: Respect
    • Wacky Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day
    • Field Trip: Riverside Park
  • Week 2, June 7-11
    • Theme: Around the World: Where Are We?: This week is a celebration of the world we live in. Different cultures and customs are what make the world go round. Play games, dances, create art from other countries, create your own passport/stamp your travel locations.  The world is a big place, we will arrive back in time to visit one of our own sites.
    • Character Challenge: Caring
    • Wacky Wednesday: Moustache Day
    • Field Trip: Sedgwick County Zoo
  • Week 3, June 14-18
    • Theme: Junior Chef Boot Camp: Young chefs will learn to create delicious tasty treats while combining traditional favorites with out of the box creative concoctions.  Campers will create their own recipe books,  Learn how to measure/prepare and taste test these culinary masterpieces.  We will also learn about staying healthy/fit thru minute to win it challenges/obstacles.
    • Character Challenge: Responsibility
    • Wacky Wednesday:  Inside Out
    • Field Trip: Great Plains Nature Center
  • Week 4, June 21-25
    • Theme: STEM and Lego Maniacs: STEM Projects and Lego mania has struck our camp.  We learn using our imaginations to build/construct creations of your own design.  Problem Solve,Engineer and Creativity are encouraged. Guest presenter from Exploration Place and a field trip to the North YMCA Outdoor Pool.
    • Character Challenge: Honesty
    • Wacky Wednesday: Crazy Sock Day
    • Field Trip: Exploration Place visits site/North YMCA Pool
  • Week 5, June 28-July 2
    • Theme: Get Out(side): Get outside and breathe in the fresh air.  Enjoy activities like sidewalk chalk, recycling projects, exploring nature, creating Healthy trail mix, discovering the world around you including our solar system.  Field trip to Camp Hyde (Bring your fishing poles)
    • Character Challenge: Respect
    • Wacky Wednesday: Crazy Hat Day
    • Field Trip: Camp Hyde (Canoes, Archery & Fishing)
  • Week 6, July 6-9
    • Theme: Celebrations: In life there are so many things to celebrate.  This week let's celebrate our independence with Water Gun Wars, catching the Leprechaun on St Patrick's day, Creative talents expressed thru art with painting/drawing, and a talent show to showcase our very talented campers.  
    • Character Challenge: Caring
    • Wacky Wednesday: Luau Attire
    • Field Trip: YMCA Water Park (locations vary)
  • Week 7, July 12-16
    • Theme: Sports Spectacular: Join us for a week of sports as we focus on teamwork with games like Australian Kickball, Wiffle Ball, Capture the Flag, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer and Flag Football.  We will learn and practice our skills daily and travel to South Y Indoor Turf fields for some friendly competition among each other.
    • Character Challenge: Honesty
    • Wacky Wednesday: Sports Team
    • Field Trip: South Farha Sports Fields and Indoor Turf
  • Week 8, July 19-23
    • Theme: Mythbusters and STEM: Are you ready for science with a bang?  Campers will experiment and learn about chemistry while having a blast making things pop, squish, grow, shrink, change color. Bubble snakes, Soda Geysers. Guest presenter from Exploration place and a field trip to the Andover Y Outdoor Pool.
    • Character Challenge: Responsibility
    • Wacky Wednesday: Face Paint
    • Field Trip: Exploration Place visits site/Andover YMCA Pool
  • Week 9, July 26-30
    • Theme: Back in Time: Hear Ye, Hear Ye. Step back in time as we travel the decades of fun.  Royal jousting, building catapults, Creating your own castle, then travel to land of Dinosaurs to make fossils, create caveman art and search for dinosaur eggs. Don’t forget the 70's and 80's as we have a Retro fashion walk and dance.
    • Character Challenge: Respect
    • Wacky Wednesday: 70's/80's
    • Field Trip: Augusta Castle Park
  • Week 10, Aug 2-5
    • Theme: Camp Rewind: Relive your favorite moments at camp this summer with Messy Mayhem, Water gun wars, Stem Projects, Australian Kickball, Erupting volcanoes as we say goodbye to Summer 2021.
    • Character Challenge: Caring
    • Wacky Wednesday: Backwards Day
    • Field Trip: None
Activities offered
  • Daily camp songs and team spirt!
  • Swimming
  • Art Experiences
  • STEM Exploration (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)
  • Sports and games (gymnastics at select locations)
  • Character Development FUNdamentals
  • D.E.A.R Time (Drop Everything and Read)

Field Trips

Branch Adventure Camps typically have one trip or special activity per week. Participation is required for all in attendance. Buses depart around 9:30AM and return between 2:30PM and 3PM on field trip days. Times may vary.


IGNITE is what we call our morning meetings and announcements held daily, it is a great celebration of friendship and togetherness to kick off the day!


Drop Everything And Read is a scheduled time each day where kids can relax and read, either individually or in small groups! Bring your favorite book or read one of ours.