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We've revised our winter weather closure policy outlining how inclement weather changes will be made and announced.

Serving our entire community is a priority for the Greater Wichita YMCA but the safety of those we serve and the entire community is more important. While we make every effort to ensure we keep our facility, program, and activity schedules  - we will close early, delay opening, or close facilities for the entire day when we can not safely serve our neighbors and our staff. To simplify the process - we have revised our weather closure policy:

  1. If our facilities are open - our schedules within will be maintained as closely as possible.
  2. We will announce closures as early as appropriate to apply to ALL of our branch locations.
  3. Our app, website, and association Facebook pages are your three best sources for updates.

We will announce changes to FACILITY HOURS to:

  • AM SCHEDULES at 9:30PM (the night before)
  • PM SCHEDULES at 9:30AM (the morning of)

Changes (early closure, delayed opening, full-day closure) will be announced on the above scheduled and will be posted and shared three ways:

  1. Notification/alert to users of our app (please check device/app settings to ensure "push notifications" are enabled).
  2. A banner at the top of every page on our website (including this one - check above).
  3. A status update on our ASSOCIATION (and all impacted branch locations) Facebook page. Click HERE to "like" us and get content in your feed.

We will make every possible effort to honor all program (sports, personal and small group training, Kid Zone, etc.) and activity (group exercise, etc.) schedules during open facility hours. Please use our app, PlayerSpace, and other program- and activity-specific communication platforms to double-check specific offerings before heading out.

Questions? Contact the Welcome Desk staff or a Branch Director. We urge you to put safety - for you, your family, and those sharing the roads - first when inclement weather hits Southcentral Kansas.

Category: News
Dec. 15, 2019