Step, dance, jab, and move to the music with our innovative, action-packed cardio workouts or try our cutting-edge resistance work to help you shape and strengthen. Classes include cardio, step, core, kickboxing, interval & circuits, ZUMBA fitness & more.



A total-body workout! Includes punching, elbow strikes, kicking, defensive drills & footwork drills.

Zumba & Dance


Step aerobics class combining high energy, fun patterns and great transitions. Instructor may include muscular strength/endurance segments, cardio bursts that utilize the anaerobic systems, or floor aerobic combinations. We also have Step Express!


Cardio Craze

 A high-energy floor aerobics class that starts with simple moves and builds into multiple combinations. Come catch the craze!

Group Exercise Cardio

Body Blitz

Slim, trim and strengthen your body using a variety of equipment for both upper and lower body. No cardio involved.

Group Exercise


Kickboxing at its best! This advanced class has choreographed combinations that will jab, kick and knock you out!

Stretch and Roll

Stretch & Roll

Muscles sore after your workout? Join our foam roller class and improve your flexibility, muscle function, balance and fitness performance. Just like a massage, foam rolling helps break up knots in your muscles, releases tightness, while optimizing recovery after workouts.

Downtown Group Ex

Morning Mix

A mix of all your favorite cardio formats, followed by strength/endurance and/or core exercises. A great start to your morning!

Group Exercise Class


This class pushes you for results using the best of new interval training ideas, functional resistance and core exercises.