High energy bike/spin workouts that enhance cardiovascular health and muscular strength.


Cycle Circuit

This class takes you on a great cardio ride and adds strength endurance moves for upper and lower body.



A 45-minute cardio class on stationary bikes; perfect for all fitness levels, recreational cyclists or serious racers.

GX Cycle African American Woman

Cycle Core

Ride your way to fabulous abs! This 45 to 60 minute cycle class is followed by intensive work for your midsection.


Cycle Express

Everything you love about cycle in a 30 minute class! A perfect fit for a busy day!


Cycle HIIT

Push your athletic edge, burn mega calories and improve your performance with this 30 minute interval based training ride that alternates between intense bursts of riding and fixed periods of rest or less intense riding.


Extreme Ride

This cycle class will work durational ability as you experience a 60 or 90 minute ride through the flats and hills!

GX-Cycle Active Older Adult

Beginner Cycle

Have you wanted to take a cycle class but thought it would be too hard? Everything you need to know about cycle class and a less intense workout for those just starting out!